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Helping working animals all over the world

Animal Aid Abroad Inc. (AAA) is an Australian registered charity dedicated to improving the living conditions and treatment of working animals around the world.

You can help make a big difference to the life of an injured, abused and overworked animal through animal sponsorship. Your sponsorship will go directly towards providing much needed food, medical supplies and care for your animal of choice. You can also show your support by joining Animal Aid Abroad by becoming a member, or by making a donation today.

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All profits from Memberships, Animal Sponsorships, Merchandise and Donations go directly towards providing aid and assistance for abused, sick and suffering animals around the world.

How You Can Help

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Make a Donation

Show your support and help provide aid to working and suffering animals all around the world by making a donation.

A donation to support an animal in need also makes a great gift and can be made in the name of a family member or friend.

All profits from donations goes directly towards providing aid and assistance for the well-being of abused and suffering animals.

Read more on how you can make a donation.

Join us by Becoming a Member

Get involved and show your support by joining Animal Aid Abroad.

Membership is paid annually, or you can choose to take out a corporate or lifetime membership.

Read more on how you can become a AAA member here.

Become a Animal Aid Abroad Volunteer

There are two ways you can volunteer:

In Australia - you can help by running stalls, attending events, help out with administration and help to spread the work of Animal Aid Abroad Inc.

Overseas - You can help aid and support animals at need up front and personally at your own expense at one of our partner organisations in Egypt, Nepal and Thailand.

Please contact Animal Aid Abroad Inc for more information.


Show your support by making a purchase from our Merchandise Store

Our merchandise makes great gifts and can be purchased online.

All profits from merchandise sales goes directly towards providing aid and assistance for the well-being of abused and suffering animals.

To find out more on how you can get involved and show your support, please visit our How You Can Help page.

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Every day animals around the world are being overworked and abused, forced to carry heavy loads or to work for tourism purposes with little or no rest, food or water. Animal Aid Abroad works alongside partner groups to educate communities, provide shelter for animals and much needed food, water and care.


Latest News & Projects

  • HIS Update: Pushkar Camel Camp Report-2016

    Animal Aid Abroad's partner group - Help in Suffering's Camel Rescue Centre had a very busy 9 days in November treating a total of 658 camels at the Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. Following is Dr Abhinav's report on this amazing event where nearly 15,000 camels, horses and bullocks assemble from all over Northern India. India is a colourful country of fairs and festivals. Traders and villagers from all over Rajasthan and neighbouring states gather with thousands of camels for trading. Animals plays an important role in the life of Indian people, t...
  • Donkey Management & Welfare Update - October 2016

    With a child’s heart The instant rapport and confidence of a four year old with a donkey was startling to behold. In Spike, the little man from Melbourne, Australia, there was no argument. He wanted an equal and robust relationship with this benign animal. Immediately Spike started to touch, pull and handle the donkey without any fear. The donkey responded with warmth, patience, calm and total acceptance of this friend of 15 minutes. A genuine and mutual connection was made and it clearly demonstrated the power and wonder of the donkey to fo...
  • India Equine Update - November 2016

      Titli  This is one daughter who has turned rebel and does not get along with her mum any more. So Titli & Chaya have parted ways and Titli is now kept in a separate enclosure from her mother. She has grown a lot in the past year and has blossomed into a beautiful young lady.  She likes to play the field and entice the male horses or any new horse that arrives at the Sanctuary, a behaviour completely opposite to her quiet, aloof mother. She is also a great runner, a throwback to her genes we think, and runs like the win...
  • Dogs in India Update - November 2016

    First of all, we, entire team of HOPE & Animal Trusts are highly obliged to Animal Aid Abroad in supporting our rescued, once guide or security dogs in the City. With your help towards the feeding and care of these helpless ones, every one of us are blessed. Thank you to all the Donors who continued supporting our work and help sponsor these dogs at the Shelter. Choti  Choti is now about Seven and Half year old, she is doing cool as ever. There are volunteer visiting time to time and she is the one favourite of all.     ...
  • AFJ Update - June, July, August 2016

    Off the Streets & Back to the Forest June: Summary: June 6th was the beginning of the Islamic fasting month and it was a rainy month again. Monkeys in rehabilitation are still with AFJ waiting on funding and permits for their release. Focus this month was on the monkey rehabilitation with lots of enrichment and observations. Monkey Behaviour/Health: Enrichment continued throughout the month with bamboo stuffed with bush food plus lots of caterpillars from the seasonal plagues providing lots of extra protein and monkey fun.  From ...
  • Pegasus Sponsors Update - 2016

    Shmaya  Shmaya has enjoyed his summer months, especially the cooler evenings, when he frolics with his friends, near the lovely date palms. As you may remember, his ears had been cut off before we rescued him. Just as a deaf person learns to communicate without hearing, over time, Shmaya has developed his own sweet donkey communication system with his friends, and they understand exactly what he is “talking” about.   Rahat Rahat who, like the others, is lavished with love and care, seems to have forgotten that he was ever so abuse...

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