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Helping working animals all over the world

Animal Aid Abroad Inc. (AAA) is an Australian registered charity dedicated to improving the living conditions and treatment of working animals around the world.

You can help make a big difference to the life of an injured, abused and overworked animal through animal sponsorship. Your sponsorship will go directly towards providing much needed food, medical supplies and care for your animal of choice. You can also show your support by joining Animal Aid Abroad by becoming a member, or by making a donation today.

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All profits from Memberships, Animal Sponsorships, Merchandise and Donations go directly towards providing aid and assistance for abused, sick and suffering animals around the world.

How You Can Help

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Make a Donation

Show your support and help provide aid to working and suffering animals all around the world by making a donation.

A donation to support an animal in need also makes a great gift and can be made in the name of a family member or friend.

All profits from donations goes directly towards providing aid and assistance for the well-being of abused and suffering animals.

Read more on how you can make a donation.

Join us by Becoming a Member

Get involved and show your support by joining Animal Aid Abroad.

Membership is paid annually, or you can choose to take out a corporate or lifetime membership.

Read more on how you can become a AAA member here.

Become a Animal Aid Abroad Volunteer

There are two ways you can volunteer:

In Australia - you can help by running stalls, attending events, help out with administration and help to spread the work of Animal Aid Abroad Inc.

Overseas - You can help aid and support animals at need up front and personally at your own expense at one of our partner organisations in Egypt, Nepal and Thailand.

Please contact Animal Aid Abroad Inc for more information.


Show your support by making a purchase from our Merchandise Store

Our merchandise makes great gifts and can be purchased online.

All profits from merchandise sales goes directly towards providing aid and assistance for the well-being of abused and suffering animals.

To find out more on how you can get involved and show your support, please visit our How You Can Help page.

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Every day animals around the world are being overworked and abused, forced to carry heavy loads or to work for tourism purposes with little or no rest, food or water. Animal Aid Abroad works alongside partner groups to educate communities, provide shelter for animals and much needed food, water and care.


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Latest News & Projects

  • Camel Rescue Centre Update - June 2016

    Lawan is a new treatment site for the mobile clinic. Camel owner Mukesh Dhobi approached CRC with a complaint that his camel has been getting gradually weaker and had not been eating for 4-5 days. They found that the condition of camel was very poor. CRC treated the camel on the spot but the animal required more care and treatment regularly so they advised the camel owner to fetch camel at Camel Rescue Centre Bassi. The camel was not able to walk more than 3-4 km so the camel was transported by a loading van. After proper clinical examination...
  • Animal Nepal Update - July 2016

    GODAWARI DONKEY SANCTUARY ONLY GETTING BETTER! Badikhel, July 2016 - We are very much excited to announce that the renovation has finally started at Godawari Donkey Sanctuary. The renovation includes concreting the floor and building a seperate shade for equines during the monsoon. We always used to have a huge problem during the monsoon as our shelter ground used to be extremely muddy and dirty. We were planning to build a concrete floor for equines for very long time and now our dream has finally taken a shape. Now our donkey sanctuary ...
  • NOWZAD Annual Update 2015-2016

    Current Situation: The Nowzad donkey stables and sanctuary in Kabul, Afghanistan has now reached maximum capacity with our latest rescued donkey to arrive. Left to die on the side of the dirt track, a donkey that has only known hard labour her entire life is discarded like a piece of trash. Abandoned by her callous former owner on the side of the road where she had collapsed, most likely to her old age as her front legs could no longer cope with the tremendous loads she had continually been forced to carry. Sadly; it would not have been a pea...
  • India update- New Camel Ambulance

    Great news the new camel Ambulance funded by Animal Aid Abroad and the Kindness Trust Australia is now ready for work! This will be the first camel ambulance for our partner group- 'Help in Suffering' that has a hydraulic lift. This will make lifting injured camels a lot easier and less stressful on the injured or sick animal. The ambulance will also be used for other large animals if required. Thanks to all our supporters and donors who helped us fund this vehicle for 'Help in Suffering', India.
  • Animal Rahat Update - June 2016

    Highlights from the past month include preventing six bullocks from being slaughtered by persuading their owners to allow them to live outside their huts in peace, rather than being sent to the butcher; persuading 21 owners to build sheds to protect their bullocks from the burning sun; and holding eight village meetings to promote good welfare practices such as the importance of painting water tanks with lime to prevent parasites and using harnesses instead of nose ropes. Progress like this would simply not be possible without the help of our ...
  • Dogs in India Update - June 2016

    Hope & Animal Sponsors Update Choti is now about 7 year old, as usual, she has not changed yet, she has become more mature and understandable. She is still the mother of all the dogs at the Shelter but does not get along with Tina. She is quite healthy and enjoying her life very well.  Tina is another beautiful and adorable young lady, she does not like to see any human love other dogs, so visitors have to be careful not to pat or love any other dog when she is around!! She is a fighter as well and at times very difficult to sto...

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