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Jele and Nam Fon

Old beauties Nam Phon and Jele have been forging a very strong bond over the past few months, they now live together and spend all of their time playing with one another, enjoying their new lives at WFFT.

wfft july16 1

Pin, Pun, La Ong dao and Kaew Petch

Our little family of elephants, Pin and mummy Pun, and aunties La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch have been having fun exploring their neighboring enclosure while we plant new large trees within their own enclosure. We have been doing some upgrades throughout the WFFT Elephant Refuge over the past few weeks with volunteers and staff working hard planting new large trees to create shade and new enrichments for our ele residents.

wfft july16 2

See Puak, Duenphen and Nam Phon

Some of our rescued pachyderm residents, Duen Phen, Nam Fon, and See Puak in our wild enclosure. These girls spend their days and nights chain free doing what they want to do, roaming their large forested enclosure.

wfft july16 3

Somboon and Khan Kluey

Enriching the lives of the rescued animals at WFFT can often be challenging but is rather rewarding. The staff and volunteers try to create and implement many different behavioral and environmental enrichments to keep our animals occupied, healthy and happy. A team of staff and volunteers worked hard making a new toy for our young bull elephant, Khan Kluey, and his enclosure buddy, Somboon. We gave it to them, as you can see from the pictures they loved it, particularly Khan Kluey.

wfft july16 4


We would like you to meet "Wassana" an elephant that has worked in the tourism industry for over 40 years. She was rescued mid this month after a very succesful fundraising party in Sydney two months ago. This poor old elephant arrived to the WFFT Elephant Refuge after undergoing a full health assessment at the camp prior to her departure from there.

wfft july16 5

Pai Lin

Pai Lin continues to enjoy having her enclosure all to herself and spends most of her time wallowing around in the large natural swimming pool in a tucked away corner of her enclosure. She has recently been introduced to new and more challenging enrichments and although she is our oldest elephant she still shows her utmost intelligence in solving the problems created in order for a food reward inside.

wfft july16 6

Chok Dee and Rung Thip

Chok Dee, one of our more rounded elephants has started to be introduced to a new routine which involves daily walks to help encourage her to do more exercise and ensure she remains at a healthy weight. We have noticed that Chok Dee is a huge lover of human children and really enjoys their company if walking with our day visitors.

wfft july16 7


Recently Boonmee fell sick with an inflammation in her mouth meaning that she was too uncomfortable to eat or drink which is very unlike Boonmee who usually has a very strong appetite. Due to this Boonmee spent a few days in our hospital but she has now recovered after our dedicated team offered her 24/7 care. We are all extremely happy to see her wandering around her enclosure again.

wfft july16 8

Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng

We have recently increased the amount of grass that we offer the elephants in their daily diet so this means that the grass delivery man has to visit our rescue centre twice a week! Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng have the most fun during the delivery and chase the truck along the length of their enclosure trumpeting loudly with excitement.

wfft july16 9


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