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Wildlife Friends Foundation Update

 Pai Lin:

wff update feb15 1

Now that we qre getting into the hot and dry season in Thailand, Pail lin now spends her day in a large enclosure in the willdlife rescue centre. This enclosure has lots of large trees that provided shade, a large lake for swimming and mud and dust baths that Pai Lin uses to keep herself cool.

In the evenings, Pai Lin moves back to her “night enclosure“ where she can catch up with the other elephants. Even though she doesn’t like to share her space with other elephants, sh loves interacting with the older girls La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch throught the fence. But most of all she loves to be able to play with the young male Khan Kluey, touching each other’s trunks.

Despite Pai Lin being the oldest elephant at WFFT, she is still in good health which you can see from her large size.



wff update feb15 2

WFFT. The Wildlife Hospital welcomed a new vet, Zoe, who has a keen interest in elephant health. Recently Zoe started conducting health check-ups on all our elephants. Getting an estimate of an elephant’s weight is an important statistic to help the vets understand the elephant’s health.

Taking a measurement around their chest with a rope, Zoe was able to give a good estimation of Boonmee’s weight, who revealed herself to be a perfectly healthy elephant.


La Ong Dao & Kaew Petch:

wff update feb15 3

La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch’s friendship continues to blossom since their introduction. The girls are rarely far away from each other. La Ong Dao receives a special salad made by her mahout each day that she is happy to share with Kaew Petch. When Kaew Petch arrived, she was a very thin elephant and now that she receives a proper diet and veterinary treatment, she continues to gain weight.

Kaew Petch’s skin condition has greatly improved since her arrival. This has been assisted by a new mud bath that was created by our volunteers at our vets request. Daily, volunteers are throwing mud on her skin to keep it hydrated and protected.


Dao Rueng & Boon Chuey:

wff update feb15 4

Introduction with the herd at New Land’s Wild Elelphant enclosure is going slow for Dao Rueng and Boon Chuey who still seem to enjoy each other’s company more than any other. They continue to gain weight since they get rescued and becoming increasingly confident in their environmen. Now that the hot season is upon us, they are both using their mud bath and large lake everyday to help them keep them cool.

They still enjoy their afternoon walk together into the forest where they can scratch every inch of their body on the trees as well as naturally graze.


Khan Kluey & Somboon:

wff update feb15 5

Somboon and Khan Kluey have been together the longest out of all our elephant groups. Somboon has been a fantastic surrogate mother to Khan Kluey, teaching him everything he needs to know about being an elephant. However, just as in the wild, as young bulls mature it is time for Khan Kluey and his surrogate mother to finally go their separate way. At this time of his life, he may soon be going into musth and is becoming increasingly dominant over Somboon.

To be ready to handle a young bull in musth, WFFT started early January 2015 to fundraise for Khan Kluey’s new enclosure, a wide new field for him to enjoy by himself, giving the opportunity for Somboon to socialize with the other girls and eventually join the herd in the future.


New Land Herd - 
See Puak, Nam Phon & Duenphen:

wff update feb15 6

The New Land’s gang is doing better than ever. Previously, the dominant See Puak and her best friend Nam Phon were giving a hard time to Duenphen, the new girl. For a few weeks now, it seems that they are getting along better, swimming all together in one of the lakes, grazing togather and sharing their space in harmony.

With the herd being more stable now, we hope the trio form a solid base for a larger herd in the future, with the wish to introduce more of the girls from the Elephant Sanctuary into our Wild Elephant enclosure.


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