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La Ong Dao

La Ong Dao is a tall female elephant aged 55 years. She has small ears and a very special skin pattern, with white forehead and trunk and black circles around the eyes, giving her the nickname of “Panda”. She has a deformed foot and is missing a part of her tail.

She was forced to mate with a male but resisted. She was stabbed by the angry male’s tusks on her right side and her tail was broken.

La Ong Dao has worked in tourism for the last 30 years in trekking camps in Pattaya after spending her young years in the logging industry. She carried couples of tourists on her back on an average of 10 to 15 rides a day, everyday.

She is now very afraid of male elephants.

Her rescue was an initiative of a few students of Shrewsbury’s International School in Bangkok, who started a fundraiser for her rescue.

She stayed for a couple of days in an adaptation enclosure before joining Kaew Petch which whom she is now spending every minute.

thai-nov-14-5 thai-nov-14-6  thai-nov-14-8 
thai-nov-14-9 thai-nov-14-7


Duenphen is now strong enough to join the herd!

She is now living permanently in the 5 hectares of New Land’s Elephant Wild Enclosure with See Puak and Nam Phon. While leaving in standard size enclosures, Duenphen was constantly the dominated one, in that big space she feels strong and confident.

She is now seen as an equal by See Puak and Nam Phon and is protecting her new territory from the other females when they are coming to visit.

- Duenphen waking up to the first rays of light in New Land’s Elephant Wild Enclosure 
- Foraging
- Playing with a branch
- Walking to the lake
- Investigating her new surroundings

thai-nov-14-11 thai-nov-14-12 thai-nov-14-13 
thai-nov-14-14 thai-nov-14-15

Pai Lin

The old lady is better than ever.

Pai Lin is enjoying her time by herself in her morning and afternoon enclosures, while the other females go to New Land’s Elephant Wild Enclosure, and greatly appreciate the tranquillity of an almost empty Paris Land that she can keep for herself.

She is spending hours cooling down and playing in the water, grazing in the grass field looking for some tasty novelties to eat.

- Pai Lin throwing sand on her back to protect her skin from sun
- Breaking in the food house to steal some corn
- Bathing in her afternoon enclosure’s lake
- Grazing in Paris Land’s grass field
- Foraging in her enclosure

thai-nov-14-16 thai-nov-14-17 thai-nov-14-18 
thai-nov-14-19 thai-nov-14-20


Boonmee is getting so good at resolving enrichments challenges that volunteers struggle to keep up!

At the end of the afternoon, her enclosure is tranformed to a great playground where she can spend all evening on a tresure quest for treats. It looks like she has a very good time every single day.

She also developped a new interest for grass but refuse to eat it if it’s not planted on the ground.

Rather than waiting for volunteers to give her a shower, Boonmee has decided to take a more natural approach to showers by spraying herself throughout the day.

- Boonmee enjoying the frechness of the shade of her gazebo
- Getting her trunk on her latest enrichments
- Exploring all hiding places for fruits
- Enjoying sunset light after shower
- Playing with her enrichments

thai-nov-14-21 thai-nov-14-22 thai-nov-14-23 
thai-nov-14-24 thai-nov-14-25

See Puak & Nam Phon

The war between those two ladies is over!

After weeks of fights for dominance in the Elephant Wild Enclosure, See Puak defending her title against the tall and brave Nam Phon, they have agreed on a truce and they are now best friends.

Spending all their time together in the 5 hectares of the wide enclosure, the two new inseparables share food, water and even bath together in their lake. They form a great team and defend together what became their communal territory.

- See Puak (front) and Nam Phon (back) walking around together in the Elephant Wild Enclosure - Coming out of the lake after bath
- Sharing food

thai-nov-14-26 thai-nov-14-27 thai-nov-14-28 
thai-nov-14-29 thai-nov-14-30

Boon Chuey & Dao Rueng

Introduced to each other few months ago, Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng became quickly great friends. The two girls can’t literaly spend a minute apart as Boon Chuey refuses to leave her enclosure without Dao Rueng and the other way around.

Few weeks ago they started to walk every second day to the Elephant Wild Enclosure to meet the herd and enjoy the space of that wide enclosure, but in the 5 hectares they are always found not too far from one to another, keeping an eye on each other.

- Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng in their main enclosure in Paris Land
- Dao Rueng in New Land’s Elephant Wild Enclosure
- In Paris Land
- Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng in New Land’s Elephant Wild Enclosure
- Boon Chuey in New Land

thai-nov-14-31 thai-nov-14-32 thai-nov-14-33 
thai-nov-14-34 thai-nov-14-35

Somboon & Khan Kluey

The naughty boy is making new friends. Already curious about next door’s Pai Lin since few months, he is now getting closer to Kaew Petch who is spending afternoons next door with La Ong Dao. Playing with each other’s trunks throught the fence, those two are getting more and more friendly to each other.

Somboon is watching him closely, regaining dominance and keeping him under control. As he tries to put his trunk on her head, she is giving him a small kick, not letting him forget who he is dealing with.

- Somboon enjoying the morning lights
- Khan Kluey rolling in the dust after his bath
- Trying to steal food in next door’s enclosure
- Somboon watching closely Khan Kluey
- Khan Kluey in the afternoon enclosure

thai-nov-14-35 thai-nov-14-36 thai-nov-14-38 
thai-nov-14-39 thai-nov-14-40

Kaew Petch & La Ong Dao

Recently rescued La Ong Dao quickly made a friend!

She is now living with Kaewpetch, who was rescued from the same elephant camp in Pattaya. When we re-introduced them, it seamed clear that they remembered each other from the camp as they greeted each other with a mix of surprise and enthousiasm.

Since the day they were matched up again they have been together at all times, following each other everywhere, getting food and showers together.

- La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch sharing their food
- La Ong Dao exploring her new surroundings
- La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch
- La Ong Dao at Paris Land’s, to meet Kaew Petch
- La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch having a walk together

thai-nov-14-41 thai-nov-14-42 thai-nov-14-44 
thai-nov-14-45 thai-nov-14-46

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