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Kaew Petch

Kaew Petch has seen her skin condition improving greatly the last two months. Rashes are now localised on few parts of her body such as her front legs and her cheeks, allowing the vet team to treat those parts more severely touched that the rest of her body.

She has moved to a more shaded enclosure and enjoy the tranquility of her own company, joining the rest of the herd in the Wild Elephant enclosure from time to time.


• Kaew Petch right after morning medical treatment. The purple on her skin is antiseptic spray (right side and front).

 aug14-1 aug14-2


Somboon & Khan Kluey

Still watched very closely by his adoptive mother Somboon, Khan Kluey is getting more and more interested by the inventive enrichments created for him by our inspired volunteers. 

Way more active, he can now be challenged with difficult new enrichments that require from him more dexterity and intelligence. 

But he is still as mischievous as before, stealing hoses to play with at night, waking up all the volunteers in the centre with his trumpetings of amusement.


• Volunteers preparing enrichments for Khan Kluey.
• Enrichment called “Birthday cake”, full of hidden fruits and banana leaves.
• Khan Kluey close up.
• Somboon and Khan Kluey close up.

aug14-3 aug14-5aug14-4 aug14-6



Due to her fragile skin, Duenphen got a bad sunburn on her back two months ago. She is receiving every day a medical treatment to take off all the dead skin and apply antibiotic cream to avoid any infection. 

As she always has been the dominated one everytime she shared an enclosure with See Puak or Nam Phon, Duenphen is now really enjoying the pleasure of living alone in her own enclosure, joining the herd from time to time. 


• Duenphen during vet treatment.
• Duenphen eye close up during vet treatment.

aug14-8 aug14-7


Dao Rueng

Dao Rueng arrived at WFFT on the evening of the 17th of July 2014.

She is a very gentle elephant who loves to eat everything she can get her trunk on.

Although she can be fussy, she soon takes a liking to most food. 

With sugar cane and bananas proving to be a favourite, she is easily led with the promise of treats. 

Slow due to her age and mobility issues caused by her leg, Dao Rueng spends most of her day looking for hidden treats and awaiting her next meal.


• Dao Rueng during vet treatment on her head.
• Dao Rueng covering herself with dust to protect her skin from the sun.

aug14-9 aug14-10



Boonmee is doing great, playing with her new enrichments with a great enthusiasm. Still very friendly, she is enjoying our daily guests’ company for walks and showers.

As her leg’s condition is getting better, volunteers can now prepare harder enrichments for her to find and get, such as hanging prizes.


• Boonmee trying to reach her hanged enrichment.

aug14-11 aug14-12aug14-13


Pai Lin

Pai Lin was very happy to move back to her enclosure where she found her forest and secret hidden places she liked to disappear in before. 

She also likes to go to the new Wild Elephant enclosure from time to time, not especially for the company of others as she is more of a solitary, but for the space and new bushes to forage in. 

She likes it so much that she is now running toward the place, leaving volunteers with their full bowl of fruits behind. 


• Pai Lin waving to volunteers bringing her food, running in their direction.

aug14-14 aug14-15


The beginning of a herd
Boon Chuey, Nam Phon & See Puak 

This is a great step for WFFT’s elephants : a group is starting in the new Wild Elephant enclosure. The elephants are starting to live together as what is called a “herd” in the wild, a social behaviour that bring them closer to nature.

See Puak, well settled in her wide 4 hectares enclosure had to learn to share that space which was her own with the others. Another natural behaviour : See Puak had to ensure her dominance towards the herd and succeded. She is now the official dominant, which is quite impressive considering she is the smallest elephant at WFFT.

Nam Phon was the one to try for the “dominant” title. Getting healthier, enough to move permanently to the Wild Elephant enclosure, Nam Phon was the dominant one living with Duenphen. She had to accept that See Puak will not give up the throne. 

Boon Chuey is not really interested in all the dominance issues. She is fully enjoying the space and natural environment of the Wild Elephant enclosure, wondering around with a branch in her trunk that she is whipping air with, she is happy.


• Boon Chuey wondering around the new Wild Elephant enclosure.

• Nam Phon close up.

• See Puak coming out of the forest to join her friends for feeding.

• Boon Chuey, Nam Phon and See Puak enjoying feeding time in the new Wild Elephant enclosure. 

aug14-18 aug14-19aug14-16 aug14-17 

• Boon Chuey, Nam Phon and See Puak in the new Wild Elephant enclosure.

• Boon Chuey and Nam Phon.

• See Puak and Nam Phon close up.

aug14-20 aug14-21aug14-22

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