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Some sad news from our partners at WFFT in Thailand

Earlier this month, we received some sad news from our colleague Nicole at WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand). 

On Monday 8 April, one of our elephants Bua Ngun passed away. Bua was a 65 year old elephant who was rescued by WTTF in November 2009. For over 60 years, Bua had been used as a logging elephant, a tourist attraction, then a begging tool on the streets. 

Bua enjoying a mudbathShe slowly recovered from the treatment she had endured for most of her life, and adapted really well to her new surroundings in our Thailand sanctuary. She loved affection from our volunteers and made up for her previous starvation by eating as much as possible! She also formed a close bond with another of our rescued elephants, June. 

Bua suffered from abscesses caused by wearing a tight harness whilst logging and carrying tourists on her back. WFFT's vets managed to keep these under control, however recently the abcesses became a more serious problem. Despite the vets cleaning her wounds daily and treating her with antibiotics and painkillers, it reached a point where Bua gave up the struggle. She passed away on Monday 8 April, and was buried the following day. 

Just a week later, Bua's companion June also passed away. The team at WFFT think that our gentle giant simply gave up after the passing of the friend she shared an enclosure with. 

Elephants JuneWMlow 100413June was rescued in 2010 - shaking, thin and with badly infected wounds. Once safe from her former abusive life, June flourished in our sanctuary and loved nothing more than bonding with the other elephants (especially Bua Ngun) and eating bananas!

After Bua's passing, June stopped eating and drinking, and went searching for a quiet spot in the forest. She was born in the forest 70 years ago, and it seems she had decided to spend her last days in the forest. 

On behalf of Bua Ngun and June, we would like to say a sincere thank you to Forgotten Souls in NSW who sponsored Bua, and to Meredith Williams, Emmanuel Nulty and June Hatwell who sponsored June. Because of your kindness, these majestic yet gentle animals last few years were filled with love, affection and happiness.

We hope you like these recent photographs of Bua enjoying a mudbath (top) and June cooling down with a sand shower (bottom) in the sanctuary. 




Could you help an abused elephant?

For anyone interested in helping to save the life of an elephant like Bua and June, please consider sponsoring one of our other elephants. 

See Puak is looking for one more kind person to sponsor her for just $100. She is 50-60 years old and was captured when she was just 10 years old, spending her life performing tricks for tourists.

Somboon is hoping that three kind people will sponsor her. This 40 year old gentle giant spent her life on the streets as a begging tool until she was hit by a car.

Could you be the person to change their lives? 

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