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Our Partner Groups in Thailand:

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Petchaburi - Website:

Nam Fon

After Nam Fon’s rescue which was in very poor health she has made many friends around the rescue centre but has not found an elephant to settle with as she also hugely enjoys her own ...

Jele and Nam Fon

Old beauties Nam Phon and Jele have been forging a very strong bond over the past few months, they now live together and spend all of their time playing with one another, ...

Wildlife Friends Foundation Update

Boonmee meets Rung Thip

The newly rescued Rung Thip got our Boonmee very curious. As we traditionnally introduce the new girl on her second day to another of ...

Wildlife Friends Foundation Update

 Pai Lin:

Now that we qre getting into the hot and dry season in Thailand, Pail lin now spends her day in a large enclosure in the willdlife rescue ...


La Ong Dao
Rescued on 1st November 2014



La Ong Dao is a tall female elephant. She has small ears and a very special skin partern, with white forehead ...


Kaew Petch

Kaew Petch has seen her skin condition improving greatly the last two months. Rashes are now localised on few parts of her body such as her front legs and her cheeks, allowing the ...

Somboon & Khan Kluey

As May is the hottest month in Thailand, Somboon is now joining her adopted son Khan Kluey for a joyful swim in the lake at least twice a day. He is now used to giving ...

WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand)

We know how much our supporters love elephants, so here are a few wonderful stories from our friends at WFFT which we'd like to share with you

Boon Mee

Regular followers of our animal adoption program will have noticed the recent addition of another elephant, Boon Mee. 55 year old Boon Mee was rescued from a camp where she carried tourists ...

Elephant Update

Our lovely Duenphen is currently suffering from an abscess on her cheek. It's an issue many of our older elephants have, often as result of their treatment as working elephant. 


Enclosure Appeal

Following an appeal to raise money for a new elephant enclosure, our partners WFFT have now raised two thirds of the funds required for the purchase of 5 hectares of forest. However ...

Some sad news from our partners at WFFT in Thailand

Earlier this month, we received some sad news from our colleague Nicole at WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand). 

On Monday 8 April, ...

We would like to thank Animal Aid Abroad for their contribution to the welfare of our elephants at the WFFT center.

Update on the elephants Khan Kluey and Somboon

Both Khan Kluey and Somboon are ...

Welcome Boon Mee!

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) welcomes another elephant, Boon Mee to their sanctuary.

Boon Mee was rescued on November 6th from an elephant camp in Kanchanaburi ...

Our Friends at WFFT in Thailand have rescued another elephant.

Boonmee, the recently rescued elephant has been introduced to Duenphen and they get along well, went for a stroll in the forest and a ...

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