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Donkey Lifesaving Project January-March

Tanzania Animal Welfare Charity has continued to carry out lifesaving for donkeys in desperate need of our help in Misungwi, Tanzania.

We treated donkeys’ wounds related to beating or poor harnesses and deworming and other vet care for all donkeys, using the funds donated by Animal Aid Abroad . 

We are glad that the following projects were achieved:

  1. Mobile veterinary clinics for donkeys in rural areas where no access to vets along with humane education funded by ANIMAL AID ABROAD.
  2.  Strengthening Mabuki paravet students outreach scheme on equine medicine but focusing on helping donkeys in the communities through outreach schemes funded by ANIMAL AID ABROAD.
  3. Stopping donkey –skin trade project by raising awareness to donkeys owners and school kids audience that is to say live donkeys have value far more than dead. 
  4. Ongoing constructions of animal clinic facility for hospitalization of serious cases of animals.

tanz march17 2The main aim was to address the following problems:

  1. Little /no awareness among donkeys owners that their animals deserve vet care through doing and promoting caring culture.
  2. No access to vet for their donkeys for some rural populations by treating their animals.
  3. Bad attitudes towards donkeys, beating, overloading, donkeys skinning etc and we eliminate this through promoting caring culture.
  4. Bridging the gap if limited training areas for paravet students whilst helping donkeys in distress


- To improve human livelihood through improving the health/welfare of rural engine working donkeys.

- In so doing both donkeys and people will benefit for living longer and be economically strong.



  1. A total of 330 donkeys were served ,helped to improve their health and welfare.
  2. A total of 35 paravet students gained practical experience able to take a lead role in improving donkeys welfare/health
  3. Young audience are aware of basic needs for donkeys ( young audience minds have donkeys caring culture)
  4. A total of 35 Students/ in future paraprofessionals trained and practiced on equine vet care will take a lead role in improving donkeys welfare in their career lives


  1. Adults will be ambassadors of promoting a new culture of caring about donkeys and valuing them .
  2. People will be responsible for their donkeys for vet care and handling.


Tanzania Animal Welfare Charity through its donation from Animal Aid Abroad will continue to focus on improving donkeys welfare and health but we are still overwhelmed by animals in desperate need of veterinary input , drugs and funds to make us persist in our works and reach more.

We are working in communities where their awareness is little, and animal welfare is a new culture to both natives and governmental officials that includes government livestock officers


  1. To finish our surgical facility building and requesting as much as possible veterinary packages for all animals which need to be hospitalized and close medical attention to be done smoothly.
  2. 2. To be helped to reach more donkeys working in different working situation like kilns, forest, households, mining and in market on vet care.


We thank the ANIMAL AID ABROAD for funding Tanzania Animal Welfare Charity to make this happen for our donkeys.

tanz march17 1 tanz march17 3

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