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tanz clin dec15 3BACKGROUND

Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO) is an animal welfare organization working in Northern region (Arusha & Manyara) of Tanzania with the main objective of promoting better welfare and management of animals in Tanzania.

The organizations as part of its work carries out Donkey mobile outreach clinic to ensure animal health on promote prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, disorder and injury in donkeys.

MAWO partnered with Australian registered charity dedicated to improve the living conditions and treatment of working animals around the world called Animal Aid Abroad (AAA) to carry out donkey outreach clinic to our coverage area Simanjiro District in Manyara Region.


Simanjiro District in Manyara Region


Donkeys play a vital role in rural economies through the provision of draught power and transport. Compared to other equid species, donkeys contribute the major proportion of readily available transport needs of poor women and men living in hostile environments, enabling them to integrate into social and economic processes (Fernando and Starkey 1996)1. However, in Tanzania as in other developing countries, poor health, low social status of donkey owners and their communities and poor management are the major constraints that have a negative impact on donkeys. Due to poor health and welfare of donkeys we address to reach the following specific objectives:

  • To improve the health of donkeys in Simanjiro Districts by access to veterinary services.
  • To improve the performance and health of donkeys by building capacity of donkey owners and community members on donkey welfare and health issues


Management of activities goes out well, only the few changes on dates due election campaign but we manage to cover the plans. The election is now over and things are back to normal.

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The organizations as part of its work carry out mobile clinic and ensure outreach of animal health to a certain level as well as develop and deliver practical advice on the prevention and control of noticeable and endemic diseases for donkeys to the owners as a way to increase their competency in managing animal welfare challenges and assisting in improving the welfare of animals in Tanzania.


Lesson Learned

  • MAWO will conduct their mobile clinic at water point and where people a re coming to fetch water they have time to listen advice.
  • To make the knowledge sustainable in community we need to train Women as they will stay in village (but young boys sometimes they left village to town for job searching)
  • We need to educate the women about first aid as are the one who stay with donkeys for more times

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