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Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO) was founded in 2010 with the aim of promoting and improving the welfare of donkeys and other livestock animals. The organization is inspired by the vision that animals should be respected as living creatures that experience pain, fear, and suffering. Its mission is to protect all animals from torture, abuse, cruelty, diseases, and painful killing. 

The Republic of Tanzania has, in principle, accepted the universal call for animal welfare by incorporating animal welfare concerns in its National Livestock Policy of 2006 (Chapter 3.19). The country has also ratified the Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare (Rights). In 2007, Tanzania became second country after South Africa to sign the campaign calling for national governments to propose the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). 

It is estimated that there were about 250,000 working donkeys in Tanzania. According to a Study conducted in 2008 titled “Donkey keeping in Northern Tanzania: socio-economic roles and reported husbandry and health constraints” poor health, low social status of donkey owners and their communities and poor management were the major constraints that had an negative impact on donkeys. 

tans sept15 4With the view of enhancing the welfare of donkeys in rural Tanzania, MAWO, rolled-out a 5 year community drive and centred project titled “Enhancing Donkey Welfare through Community-Driven Approaches in Simanjiro and Meru districts”. Training community members and donkey owners on good donkey harnessing techniques and management was one the key activities envisaged under the project. 

From June to September, MAWO conducted outreach clinic in Simanjiro District activities conducted were deworming, wounds treatment, eye care, hoof trimming and skin care. The clinic was very successful and a major output of the clinic was the formation of the community that would continue treat the donkeys and tells others about donkey welfare. 

This report documents the proceedings and outputs of the 3- month’s outreach clinic 

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June - September Donkey Outreach Clinic conducted in Manyara Region, specifically in Simanjiro District.

The clinic conducted had cover donkey various diseases include deworming, wounds treatment, eye care, hoof trimming and skin care though skin problems were not much at large extent, wounds parts were at the back of the donkey, back and front legs, tail and neck and most of the wounds are caused by poor harness

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Veterinary care

The aim of mobile clinics is to promote prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, disorder and injury in donkeys. Veterinary medicine is widely practiced, both with and without professional supervision. Although donkeys are very hardy and sturdy animals they are susceptible to various diseases and healthy problems. Donkeys are more likely to resist illness if they are not overworked. We provide advice to recommended vaccination routine treatments (such as deworming) and cure for illness. We also provide drugs and advice where they can be obtained, some areas we conducted mobile clinic was first time to treat donkey as they believe donkey doesn’t need treatment (Bad myth). A huge thanks you for our partner Animal Aid Abroad for supporting and makes this mobile clinic possible, also our membership A+ printer for new banner and T-shirts donation with AAA logo.

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