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This was Dr Singh Dinesh’s first visit to the resort as a veterinarian. There were five horses including their shelter. He saw two care takers, one girl and one boy. They were doing their best to take care of the horses but they still need some basic training. 

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General Problems

  1. No regular deworming
  2. No regular hoof trimming
  3. No regular vaccinations
  4. No balance ration
  5. No regular exercise

General Health Problems

  1. Two horses seemed a bit too thin but no serious health problems identified.
  2. One horse had thrush (frog necrosis) but no serious infection.
  3. According to history occasionally the horses suffers from colic and indigestion.

Dr Singh Dinesh's Suggestions 

  1. Body weight of each horse should be measured which Dr Singh Dinesh will do during his next visit.
  2. There should be a general health card for each horse where health events can be recorded.
  3. Horses require regular foot care. Find a farrier and allow that person to use their knowledge and skills. Most horses need foot care every 6–12 weeks.
  4. Horses should have their teeth checked annually for abnormal wear.
  5. For deworming it is suggested that each horse should be checked for egg per gram of feaces. He will do this in next visit but it will cost some money.
  6. For feeding each horse he suggests the following rations, but a detail balanced ration will be given after a more detailed investigation which need some time. 
    The dollowing ration is for each horse:
    Oats-----------------------------1.5 kg
    Cracked maize-----------------1 kg
    Wheat bran---------------------1 kg
    Linseed-------------------------200 gm
    Agrimin mineral mixture------50 gm
    Hay or grass-------------------8 kg 
  7. For thrush (leg problem) he suggests regularly cleaning the wound with iodine solution and spray with herbal spray.
  8. He will suggest training for care taker of horse. For this organizations like stud farm Bhratpur and AHTC Pokhra will be better.

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