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animnep eqrthquake15 1The earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday April 25 left a trail of devastation. Apart from hundreds of thousands of people, countless animals were affected too.

Animal Nepal launched an Emergency Appeal to respond to the crisis through donation and volunteer appeal. We even organized various workshops and launched major protocols in the treatment of livestock with the help of world vets volunteers.

Reaching out to the forgotten victims of the earthquake, Animal Nepal in the wake of the disaster treated more than 400 animals.

Three veterinary teams visited Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dhading, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot and Rasuwa to help farm and pet animals. They witnessed the loss of farmers as their lives are fully dependent on their animals who have always been their main source of income.

Although Animal Nepal was ready to treat sick and injured canines, it found that stray dogs suffered relatively less casualties. “Dogs are very intelligent creatures, who seem to know where to run for safety”, explains Kafle. The twenty cases that were treated included broken limbs and open wounds.

Animal Nepal soon will be conducting a Vaccination and Animal Birth control camp at affected villages of Lalitpur.


animnep eqrthquake15 2A special website was set up to connect people who lost and found dogs after the earthquake. Ads were put in various newspapers. We got a huge reponse over those ads and luckily we were able to reunite a few worried owners with their pets.

With the help of two livestock vets from World Vets, Animal Nepal mobilized three teams to reach out to injured livestock in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk. Around 400 animals were treated 7 districts and more than 30 different places.

The teams were shocked by the severity of the injuries. They came across broken spines and broken limbs, and treated various cases of pneumonia and diarrhea.

In order to build local capacity, protocols on limb casting and downer cows were developed and two workshops benefiting 30 (student) veterinarians organized. With the help of the media and Dr Narayan Ghimire from the Nepal Vet Council a sensitization programme was organized to inform people about the burying of dead animals. Radio stations and newspapers reported widely about the importance and different techniques of carcass removal.

Making sure remaining animals survive is crucial for long term sustainability. We are trying to draw attention of all government and aid agencies to consider Veterinary aid, animal feed and shelter needs in their upcoming relief programmes.


Animal Nepal were very lucky that there was not much damage to our office besides falling down of the isolation unit of donkey sanctuary and one of the dog shed at Chobar animal shelter. There has also been few cracks on our Sanctuary walls.

Sadly some of our equine shelter and outreach programme staff lost their homes during the killer quake. Tara, Hari Krishna and Shankar's homes were destroyed. Luckily none of their families got hurt.

animnep eqrthquake15 4After reviving from our loss when we geared back to helping animal victims we were left speechless with their conditions. Hence, considering all situation and the loss, Animal Nepal focused on four major interventions:
1.Staff support: Five of our staff members lost their homes. Vet technicians Tara, Hari Krishna, Santosh and Shankar has become homeless. The homes of Uttam, Suman and Mohan are partly destroyed. There was damage to the homes of other staff too.
2.Emergency outreach: Animal Nepal aimed to conduct emergency camps in the brick factories and mostly affected villages of Lalitpur district. When the earthquake struck most equines and their caretakers were at work, and suffered injuries or the loss of shelter. Also, many houses in villages such as Harisiddi and Bungamati collapsed, and especially stray dogs and livestock suffered. The Animal Nepal team, with the support of overseas vets offered their support. 
3.Reconstruction: The earthquake destroyed the isolation unit at our donkey sanctuary and partly collapsed the isolation unit at the dog shelter. Rebuilding these, buying a solar fridge for vaccines and power back up systems were among our major need. 
4.Community member support: Animal Nepal was approached by countless community members for support. Some were unable to take care of their sick pets and ask for temporary shelter. Others bring injured animals or ask us to come and treat community dogs and pets on the street. Extra funds were needed for this.


animnep eqrthquake15 3FACTS and NUMBERS

  • Total Brick factories this season (operating): 15
  • Total number of equine owners: 46
  • Total number of working animals: 585 equines
  • Relief distribution: 15 brick factories 
  • Total death of working animals: 3 (UK Brick Factory) 
  • Animals injured: More than 25 (UK, Shree no.1 and Bajra Brick Factory) 10 


Animal Nepal would like to thank all supporters and donors including Animal Aid Abroad, Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Donkey Sanctuary UK, Embark, Greater Good, Help Animals India, Lush, Mayhew Animal Home, One Voice, Robin Hood, Serve and Share, World Vets and all individuals who helped us to reach out as many animals as possible. Even though some of our staff members lost their homes they are committed to helping human and animal victims which would never have been possible without your support. We would also like to thank countless individuals from US, Canada, Australia and Europe for their contribution towards our relief program.Animal Nepal will soon be conducting vaccination and animal birth control camp in the earthquake affected areas of Lalitpur district.

For more information and stories you can download the full report Here


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