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KOARP is the first and single registered animal rights and welfare organization in Iraqi country and Kurdistan region and started on 25 May 2009. From this period until now we've been trying to find a way of getting fund raising for the implementation of some activities but had failed except for some small grants from individuals and non-organizations until October 2016 when we received an email from Janet Thomas, founder and president of Animal Aid Abroad Inc (AAA) in Australia. AAA gave us our first grant for the winter season campaign to the amount of USD1084.

Background of project

Working Animals

A large amount of this grant is for buying medicine, disinfectants and equipment that is very important for the treatment of working animals of poor families that have animals and low incomes.

1. Stray donkeys:

Stray donkeys live in very bad conditions around all cities - homeless, abandoned and neglected. It is very difficult finding food especially in the summer with days reaching temperatures of 43-47 degrees celsius. A small part of this grant has gone to feeding stray donkeys and providing them daily drinking water.

2. Awareness and educational program:

We thought that the best way we raise the animal welfare and rights in our country is through awareness and educating the citizens, especially children, to care for, love, respect and protect animals. We will use brochures, gifts, photos and certifications.

3. Accommodation of KOARP:

As we mentioned before our organization has not had many sources of income and after discussions with Janet, the founder of Animal Aid Abroad Inc, it was decided that a small amount of this grant would be spent for accommodation and gasoline towards the use of our car (twice a month).

Implementation planning for work

According to our needs we divided the grant into four parts as follows:

1. Stray Donkey

Unfortunately during this period we saw one stray donkey behind Duhok Dam near Ekmala village with blindness in one eye. For more than one month we gave him food daily and medicine systematically and locally in his eye until he became healthy.

Some photos of different daily work and places:


2. Veterinary Clinic

As per our agreement with AAA we will use our car twice monthly to monitor the status of working animals in different villages and complexes in Duhok province and find out what they need in treatment, food and equipment, especially in poor families with low incomes.

We bought more than (14) items of medicines and minerals, disinfectants, vitamins, de–worming medication and equipment that is very important to use for working animals. Some medications are given with food or by injection, some of them are used for de-worming, some of them are used for cleaning wounds.


Also, as a daily procedure we carry with us drugs and equipment for emergency cases during our tours to rescue animals.

We were able to treat (42) donkeys, (2) horses and (2) mules as below:


3. Awareness and educational program of children

Equine Species seminar

On 1 December at 4pm I visited Duhok Orphan house and gave an educational seminar about the equine species and the role of working animals. The activity consisted of:

A. Small presentation about working animals by Dr. Sulaiman.

B. Distribution of 45 copies of Zanglek animals story, translated by Dr. Sulaiman.

The seminar went for 1 1/2 hours.

4. Distribution of 50 copies of working animal information brochures


Exchange Amount details:




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