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israel 2017 1Shmaya

Shmaya (to hear) shows the world of animal lovers that though he once endured tremendous cruelty, he is aware that not all humans are bad and that he is now loved, something he had never experienced before his rescue. He continues to be a symbol of overcoming. Though he can't hear, yet he sees Zvika coming from a distance and he rushes over to receive a big hug from Zvika every day. Zvika receives a hug back, in a donkey sort a way.


israel 2017 2Rahat

Rahat, once burnt by evil boys, is forever safe at Pegasus. He loves to energize the pack, sometimes challenging another donkey to a race. He loves to show off that he is now healed, healthy and happy, and never must worry about being set on fire ever again.


israel 2017 3Einat

Though old and blind, Einat loves life and wants to keep on living. She enjoys the things that other people and donkeys take for granted, like basking in the warm sun while listening to the sounds of nature round about. She “sees” with her ears, and engages other donkeys on occasion in serious conversation of braying back and forth, her ears picking up every tone and sound. It would be wonderful if every living creature who was blind, could live out their old age in safety and peace like Einat.

israel 2017 4Jordan

A reminder of how Jordan was rescued many years ago: Zvika had been contacted by the Israeli military forces about an injured donkey on “no man's land” a strip of land, which is filled with mines, and located between Jordan and Israel. I chuckle whenever I think of the rescue as army officials took the situation very seriously, and set up a makeshift “war room” near the location. As they studied strategic maps and conferred how to get the donkey out of the mine field. Zvika who was with them, walked over to the separation fence with a piece of bread in his hand while gentling calling the donkey who walked right up to the fence. The only thing needed to be done was to cut the wire fence and Jordan was home free. His leg had been severely damaged, probably by a mine and was amputated. He continues to be a living example of how one can endure a physical challenge yet, live life to the fullest, and boy does he ever. He is still wooing the female donkeys to this day, and loves to frolic with them.

israel 2017 5Eldad

Eldad celebrates life and freedom every day. When he was rescued some years ago, his legs had been cruelly held together with wire, a fierce method to prevent him from running away. The wire had cut his legs deeply. He continues to be the leader of the pack at Pegasus. He proudly gallops around always happy that his legs and his soul, are forever free.


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