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pegasus 2016 1Shmaya 

Shmaya has enjoyed his summer months, especially the cooler evenings, when he frolics with his friends, near the lovely date palms. As you may remember, his ears had been cut off before we rescued him. Just as a deaf person learns to communicate without hearing, over time, Shmaya has developed his own sweet donkey communication system with his friends, and they understand exactly what he is “talking” about.


pegasus 2016 2Rahat

Rahat who, like the others, is lavished with love and care, seems to have forgotten that he was ever so abused and burnt, by wicked teenagers. He playfully rejoices each morning as the sun begins to appear, but only with the playmates of his choosing, and he seems to be delighted for yet another happy and secure day, in which he can celebrate his freedom from abuse and neglect forever. He is looking so healthy and strong.


pegasus 2016 3Einat

Sweet elderly Einat, though old and blind, doesn't miss a trick, and she knows exactly where she wants to go at the sanctuary. She knows that she is safe and secure, living out the rest of her years in peace and safety. Oh, how she loves a good gentile forehead rub. If only my back could receive as many good rubs and pats as she gets to enjoy



pegasus 2016 4Jordan

Jordan continues to be the Don Juan around here! And the ladies seem to enjoy it when he chases them around. His hooves are now giving him good balance, and he needs that for his antics! Not only do the females adore him, but he is a true people person, and never turns down a good session of TLC. Sometimes, he even gives us a donkey smile, revealing every single tooth. Who could resist giving him a big hug?


pegasus 2016 5Eldad

Spunky Eldad, continues to enjoy life and doesn't look back to his dark past for a moment. As a local leader of the pack, he gently accesses new comers, and after deciding to let them into the family, he entices them to a little “horse play”, and which they normally accept. Eldad also loves a good roll in dirt, especially after a good brushing, as if to say, hah, I'll take care of my fur my way. I think that he may have invented the word "stubborn" and we love him just the same.



pegasus 2016 6Freddie

As we reported in our previous report, our beloved Freddie sadly passed away on the 21st of April.

Meanwhile, a foal had been born at the sanctuary whom we also named Freddie, and we are happy to report that Freddie #2 was adopted into a loving family who are lavishing him with loving care and attention, and we hear that he demands this attention on a very regular basis.

While we miss both our Freddies, there are always new equines that need to be rescued and we look forward to telling you about some of them in our next update, as we are honoured to give them all the second chances that they so deserve.


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