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pegasus may15 update 1Shmaya

Shmaya is doing very well, he is about to reach his sweet sixteen birthday, and he is indeed a sweetheart. He is extremely friendly and likes a lot of attention, he loves to be patted and hugged. Despite his deafness, he is very outgoing and runs around with his friends. Like our other residents, he seems to be much happier now that it's spring.



pegasus may15 update 2Rahat

Rahat who is 11 years old now, is thriving here at the sanctuary. It seem like the trauma and horrible memories of the horrors he experienced at the hands of some teenagers is finally behind him. He is still a bit weary of new people, but has grown more relaxed and receptive to friendly attention. We had a pretty rough winter here (many cold storms) but he had weathered them well. Rahat however is still fiercely protective of what he considered "his" territory, and it takes time before he takes our new coming residents under his "wing".


pegasus may15 update 3Einat

Einat who is our eldest resident, is doing surprisingly well. Though she is of course blind, she is truly at home here with us and finds her way around easily. She is smart enough to stay away when the younger ones are messing aboutand now that everything outside is blooming and the fields are filled with fresh grazing, she is out and about enjoying the warm sunlight. She is very receptive to affection, and when young children walk by, she loves to stick her head out for a little TLC.


pegasus may15 update 4Jordan

Jordan as you might remember is our localheartthrob.

He is doing so much better now that his hooves allow him more balance, he gets less tired and can chase around the ladies much more easily.

His favourite spot here at the sanctuary is by the fence close to the road. There he can entice the people who pass by into lavishing their attention on him.

Like most of our residents, he too spend most of his time outside, now that the weather is so lovely.


pegasus may15 update 6Eldad

Eldad is our gentle soul resident, we love to spoil him with hugs andpats, we can't help ourselves, we are just so proud of him for how he managed to leave the darkness of his life before he was rescued completely behind. He has emerged as a leader among our residents, many times you can see him running around the sanctuary grounds with his friends chasing him about. He is kind and gentle with our new comers, approaching them quietly as if to assure them they are part of the "family" and that they are safe.

We enjoyed watching him grow into the happy secure lovely donkey that he is.


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