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April has seen both joyous and sorrowful times at Pegasus

During April, Pegasus sadly lost beloved mule Freddy. However, they were also blessed with the successful birth of a new foal.

peg upd apr15 1

Freddie's tribute:

For 4 days Pegasus fought over Freddy the mule's life. They sat by his side, changing his IV bag every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, in mid April, he signaled that his pain was too much to bear and asked to say good bye.

Pegasus let him loose to taste his last fresh feed in the fields, to enjoy the suns’ patting morning rays. He took one last long look at the pastures before leaving to eternal pastures.

His intestinal complication was very complex but he didn’t show it. Freddy was always optimistic, he smiled as always when we arrived, he was silent like he was for 25 years before he arrived at our farm. Silent for all the hard work he was forced to do that left him scarred, for all the whipping that hurt his flesh and his soul. From the day we saved him, Freddy was always optimistic, he loved everyone! Donkeys, horses, dogs, cats, and birds. He always greeted all of them with his famous smile.

“You were 25 years old when you arrived, you spent 9 years with us, smiled at us and everybody for 9 years. We hope that we returned enough smiles back ,

you definitely smiled more than us!

Thank you for all the joy you gave us. We are sure that you will make all your new friends happy in the eternal pastures.”

peg upd apr15 2New Foal at Pegasus:

On November 25, 2014 Pegasus brought Kettem (Spot) back from the petting zoo in Sderot. They called her Kettem because she is full of spots, but mostly because her story is one big dark spot. If you don't remember her story, here's a link

Kettem came with her front left hoof missing, and no one wanted to take her.

2 months ago Pegasus noticed Kettem was pregnant, and at 8 pm on the eve of Israel's Independence Day, she started to give birth. But things got complicated, when the newborn got his head and one leg out. In this position it is impossible for him to continue his way out. Pegasus called the vet, who was just about to go out with his family to celebrate Independence Day. He arrived, stuck the newborn back in, straightened his leg, and with a light pull a new life began.

Pegasus wanted to call him Ness (Hebrew for both miracle and flag) mainly for the miracle he had but also for the holiday. But he reminded them of Freddy who passed away a few days before, so they named him after Freddy. After a rough night for the two, this morning they seemed as if they were a week together.

Click here  to view the video of the delivery and how happy Kettem and Freddy are after.


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