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Throughout the entire week calls were received at the Pegasus Association Center alerting them to donkeys and horses that were seen standing in the rain, exposed to the storm. To their joy, all those cases were taken care of and no injuries were reported.

Still, while the storm was rumbling, they got a report about a jennet observed in Jerusalem, in the vicinity of Ein Kerem Church of the Visitation, that was seen wandering about despite the heavy rain and freezing temperatures.

As Pegasus had not heard about her again, they hoped that it had an owner. Yet, they got another call from a man that told them about a jennet he met on his way to have medical tests taken at the Ein Kerem hospital. He described the case and told them that the jennet has not moved for a long time from the very same spot, and that he saw her once again on his way back in the early afternoon. The description matched that of the one that was seen during the storm near the Church of the Visitation, and indeed, when they got there, she was still standing at the same spot.

The beauty of the Ein Kerem scenery distracted them for a while and they did not at first notice her eyes, but when Pegasus tried to lead her to the wagon, her step was unsure and she stumbled. They then understood that her vision was impaired, and when Pegasus looked at her eyes, they were cloudy blue, which indicated that she was most likely completely blind.

pegasus march 15They walked her slowly to the wagon, pondering how she got to this place, what happened to her during the storm that lashed Jerusalem for a whole week, how and where did she find drinking water. When they got to the Association shelter they offered her a drink of water, which she gulped in no time. They had to take the bucket away from her to make sure that she would not drink too much at once and brought her some fodder, which she refused. The Association’s vet, who was called to the case, said she was dehydrated but that her condition was relatively stable, and that indeed, she was totally blind. The green and moist grass supplied her with some water during the week and it was also possible that she managed to drink from some puddles.

Hundreds of cars drove by her and only one man called to alert Pegasus, which makes one wonder who was the “blind” one in this case.

Today, when Zvika read in Wikipedia about the Church of the Visitation, he saw a photo of the beautiful mural in which the Virgin Mary comes riding a donkey to visit Elizabeth, and hr thought that it all started here, at the cradle of culture, and what has happened to us ever since; driving metal boxes, blind to the world, animals, people and environment alike.



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