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We got notice this morning about a donkey standing next to the gate of Kibbutz Beit Kama, with his leg elevated and probably hurt. Every year during the holiday season we gather many donkeys; especially during Sukkot, when the children have a long vacation. They get hold of a donkey and later we get phone calls about donkey abuse all over the country. Since October we already gathered 12 donkeys, but to our surprise none of them were seriously hurt.

We don’t publish their pictures and stories, because some of these kids’ fathers don’t think what they did was wrong, and they threaten to find us and to take back the donkeys.

We hoped we will be lucky this time too, but when we got there I immediately understood it’s serious this time. And it’s not a new wound! You could see the change in the hoof of the wounded foot. It grew more than the other one because it didn’t wear out by the gait; this means he is keeping the foot up in the air for quite some time now. We were amazed to see that his back was missing hair, a sign he was ridden not too long ago. 

He stood there helplessly, his eyes asking for help. A black rope was tied around his neck suggesting he ran away from his abusers. How can you ride a crippled donkey who can hardly walk? 

When I held the rope and asked him to come with me, he raised his foot in the air to signal to me it hurts too much but then he limped to the cart. He wanted to get out of there so bad!

After the vet’s checkup we’ll let you know about his situation.

Below is the video from Pegasus’ Facebook page

Click here to see the rescue video



Below is a film documents the donkey's first veterinary check up when it arrived to our facility.

It's been a week in which the Beit Kama donkey receives anti infection treatment and there is a slight improvement.

Now is the next stage in which according to the veterinary we'll have to do a series of X-rays to identify the problem.

The donkey feels at home and calls to us every morning.

Click here to see the update video


To help, please go to the Pegasus website and donate so they can give him, and the rest of the dokeys and horses, the treatment they deserve.

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