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shmaya-sept14Shmaya continues to do very well despite having no hearing and certainly likes the ladies at the Sanctuary. He is a bit of a smooch and loves a scratch where his ears used to be. He shed all his hair during summer and no longer looks like a bear. Shmaya, like Rahat are quite naughty and can get up to mischief at the sanctuary but he is very good natured and friendly to people he knows and the other donkeys. Shmaya is reaching nearly 15yrs old.





rahat-sept14Rahat was wounded in a fight with a new donkey that arrived at the sanctuary one month ago. The wound was superficial and healed quickly. He doesn’t let his small size put him off guarding his territory and herd from strangers. Rahat thinks he is a bit of a Rambo and lets everyone know it especially newcomers. He is still suspicious of people but it is understandable after being treated very badly and set alight by children in a Bedouin village. Rahat is coming up to approximately 10 yrs old.




einat-sept14Einat passed the grazing season with no problem. Despite her blindness she can handle herself in the field and it is difficult to tell she is blind from afar. She likes finding her corner in the stable area to rest, as pictured, because it keeps her safe from being knocked by the young ones when they play. She is a clever donkey because despite her blindness, she knows her way around the stable area and the fields. She is also a very social donkey and quite happy to stand head to tail to swish away her friends’ flies. Einat is about 20 years old.





jordan-sept14Jordan roams throughout the whole grazing area and doesn’t let his handicap stop him from going anywhere. He has captured the hearts of a few of the ladies who follow him around - he is quite the Romeo. Last week his hooves were treated so he is now ready for the on-coming winter season. His hooves get widened and lengthened so they can take his weight better and not put so much strain on him. Like the rest of the donkeys, they get their hooves done every 2 months by the farrier. Jordan is a very friendly donkey and gets on with everyone at the Sanctuary.




freddie-sept14Good ole Freddie is getting older and lately having a hard time gaining weight. The vet has been in to check him and said there was nothing to worry about and he should be fine to get through the winter period. We will continue to keep a close eye on him and make sure he is getting the attention, medicines and care he needs as an older mule. Freddie is a real gentleman and gets on with everyone at the Sanctuary. He especially likes to play with the young ones and always the first to welcome new rescues. Just this week Freddie was the one chosen to lead a cart to exercise a horse suffering from colic. Freddie is nearly 30 years old.  




eldad-sept14After Eldad’s rough start to life he really has become a very gentle, quiet and friendly donkey. You can hardly see his scars now on his legs and doesn’t seem affected at all after nearly losing his legs by being tied [ hobbled] and left unattended in the desert.  He like Freddie is always the first to greet and welcome new rescues to the sanctuary and take on the role of chaperone.  Eldad continues to thrive in his sanctuary home thanks to the help of his sponsors. 




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