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Pegasus Society for the Protection of Horses & Donkeys

In our last newsletter, we told you how incredibly difficult it had been for Pegasus, our partners in Israel, who had been inundated with so many critical rescues. Unfortunately things have not changed.

Due to the sheer volume of rescues and the cost of medical treatment, along with increasing food prices, Pegasus are no longer able to provide rescue, on-the-spot care and emergency relief, as all their funding must go on their existing rescue animals, to ensure they are given the care, treatment and medical attention that they need, including being able to provide them with sufficient food and water.  They have, however, assured us that they will endeavor to respond to emergencies as best as they can.

We would like to introduce you to some special donkeys that have been rescued over the past few months.


Meet Midbar the donkey who was rescued in September 2013. When Midbar was rescued, she was not in a good state. She was thin, and had a skin condition causing thinning of her coat. Her ears had open wounds and her hooves needed immediate attention. We are very pleased to report that Midbar’s condition has improved dramatically and she is now in good shape, thanks to the committed team at Pegasus who have also ensured that a farrier visits Midbar and takes the necessary care needed for her hooves. Have a look at her photo, you will see how well her ears have healed up. 

Before and After













Neria belonged to two men who were arrested for attempted theft. Thankfully, an officer called Pegasus for help. The Officer’s name was Neria so it seemed fit to name the horse after the officer that rescued him.

Fatigue and wounds aside, Naria is suffering from chronic tendon inflammation, which means he is no longer fit to pull a cart. We are pleased to say that Neria is now recovering at the sanctuary and can enjoy the rest of his life in retirement.



Officer Zvika Heffner from the local police force of Baqa al-Gharbiyye noticed a man driving a carriage with a donkey, constantly beating her with a thick stick. To quote Officer Heffner, "He hit her so hard, that when I stopped him, I saw that one side of her backside was hairless, and the other had a gaping, bleeding hole".

Brownie is now recovering at the sanctuary. We would like to thank Officer Zvika and Gali Davidson, who works at the Animal Department in the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, for assisting with Brownie's rescue, and for giving her this wonderful new beginning.

On another positive note, Officer Heffner promised to keep watch for any other abused donkeys or horses whilst on his travels.


Photo: Brownie the donkey with the Officer  and Zvika from Pegasus


A group of teenagers were seen ruthlessly beating a helpless young horse. Thanks to the people who had witnessed this horrific behaviour from an office window, Lod's veterinary services were called, and two Veterinarians rushed to assist. They were shocked by the horse's condition - both his malnourished frame and his horrific wounds, so they called Pegasus for help.

Pegasus took the horse back to the sanctuary, where they noticed that Hightech had large and deep open wounds at the centre of his back, most likely caused by an ill-fitted saddle mounted on his extremely thin back for riding purposes. Hightech is only four years old and is supposed to be at his peak; however he is severely malnourished and blind in his right eye. It is clear that Hightech has endured much neglect and suffering for most of his young life. He will need long physical and emotional rehabilitation.


It’s wonderful to know that there are so many people in the community who really want to help these beautiful animals to escape from the sad life they lead. Although many people are changing their attitudes towards animals and animal welfare, there are still many people who are either ignorant or solely see their donkey or horse as providing a means to an end. It’s up to people like us to create change through awareness and education, which can only be done with support and funding.

The Susita Sanctuary supports many donkeys and horses, most of whom will spend the rest of their lives there. The Pegasus Society is in critical need of help, and we at AAA would very much appreciate your ongoing support to allow us to continue to financially help Pegasus continue their vital work of helping these working horses and donkeys who endure much suffering, abuse and neglect. You can help Pegasus by donating now: click here.

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