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afj aug15 1Off the Streets and Back to the Forest

August was a very hot and dry month with cold nights. Topeng Monyet were still scarce this month. This month we promoted more on facebook and twitter asking people to report if they saw Topeng Monyet on the streets for investigation purposes. The monkeys continued to show progress in rehabilitation and they received more ice treats to relieve boredom during the hot month. 

AFJ received a request from a teacher at Karawang Junior High School in West Java for a planned visit in November to do some education on animal welfare so AFJ will focus on Stop Topeng Monyet as there are a lot around the area so we will be putting more effort into the Stop Performing Monkey puppet show and planning this event. 

afj aug15 2Monkey Behaviour/Health: 
Enrichment continued this month with focus on keeping the monkeys cool in the hot days and ensuring enough leaves in the enclosure to make nests for the cold nights.  Care workers reported that Mario and Entje were over-grooming probably due to boredom and heat, so this month we increased live bug enrichments/food, giving the monkeys more access to live crickets and caterpillars that the care workers catch when possible but mostly buy from bird food suppliers. Louise was reported to receive grooming from monkeys other than Mario, which is a good indication of reduced timidity.

30/8/15 Care workers reported Oscar had an injury on his groin but after observation for several days it healed by itself. (Probably an injury from contact with wire or wood.)

This month’s report for fruit embedded in ice enrichment (see photos attached).

Date: 6/8/15    Observation Officers: Lolita/Doni

afj aug15 3

Enrichment Type: Fruit set in ice

Material: pieces of fruit frozen in ice are placed on the rooves of the enclosures. Although not naturally found in the wild, the slow dripping ice models water dripping from caves which will become a source of water when they are released on the cliff sides and slopes of Merapi Mountain. In addition, the length of time for the ice to melt and the monkeys to get at the fruit ensures they are kept occupied for a good length of time so they can relieve some of the boredom in the hot weather. All monkeys responded well to the enrichment. 

Report:  Positive:  

Evaluation:  8/10

Solution: To be continued during extreme hot days. 

Monkey Release Plan Progress:
JAAN had planned to send a monkey worker to do the observations on 14 or 15 August but this was cancelled as JAAN needed the staff. Femke is hoped to come next month (Sept. if no one is available). Observations of rehabilitation progress of the AFJ group continue until they can come and assess their readiness for release.

afj aug15 4Update on Monkey Street Performance (Topeng Monyet)  Investigation and Campaign:
In August AFJ found/received few topeng monyet sightings in Jogja. On 5 Aug 2015 Volunteers travelling to Tangerang West Java spotted topeng monyet and reported to JAAN that there were still monkeys on the street there. 

Documented Monkey Performance/Captive Monkey Sightings August 2015:

6 August 2015 Monkey performer with monkey in a colourful box and using a drum to gain attention was spotted walking near 13 Soragan Street at 2.30pm coming from the direction of Godean Rd. The reporter turned and went back but they entered a small lane and though the reporter rode around could not find them again. 




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