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Off the Streets and Back to the Forest

As this was the end of the fasting month (17 July) followed by 1-2 week holiday when people returned to their hometowns (similar to Christmas-New Year holidays in Australia), the majority of volunteers and workers were still on holiday so we operated with a skeleton crew through to the beginning of August. The rehabilitation group continued to socialize and adapt as we wait for JAAN survey and observations. Sightings reflected the return of holiday makers to the city after the holidays as sightings also began to increase. We need to ramp up efforts to combat the monkey performers over the next quarter and increase education about this cruel practice to reduce and stop them from endangering both the monkeys and humans they come in contact with. We will continue our focus on data collection and trying to get this batch of monkeys ready for release. Also we will continue our efforts to remind the community and the government of the need to stop Topeng Monyet through radio, twitter, fb and the children’s education campaigns.

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Monkey Behaviour/Health:
The behavior of the monkeys continues to show Entje and Oscar as the dominants, followed by Mario, Poppy and finally Louise. This month the reduced noise has seen Mario begin to improve but he is still balding. The dog area which is separate from the monkey enclosures but still on the same property has been inundated with fleas from a group of dogs we had to take in. Luckily the monkeys are able to groom so this is not a problem for them as they can keep them under control without any pesticide intervention. Louise has shown some advances open to being paired up with Poppy at meal times. We hope she continues to progress. (see attached photos) 

Report example this month for digging for fruit enrichment

Date: 18/7/15    Observation Officers: Lolita

Enrichment Type: Food covered with rocks and leaves

Material: Bucket, regular food, large teak leaves, large rocks and stones. 

afj july15 5Report:  Positive: This enrichment is aimed at getting the monkeys to dig for food. 

The bucket is submerged in a hole then fully covered with leaves and rocks. The monkeys must dig down in the ‘ground’ to find the food. 

As usual Louise was allowed access first due to her timidity around the others. She responded very well and was enthusiastic about digging for food. After three minutes, Mario and Entje were allowed in. Mario and Louise avoided the enrichment while Entje, the dominant female dug in the bucket. After a while, Entje moved and Mario was able to access the enrichment. After Mario had got some food out, Oscar and Poppy were allowed access but Poppy didn’t get near as she was chased away by Mario, Entje and Oscar. However, after a short while, Poppy also was able to get in and access the bucket to dig for food. 

Evaluation:  7/10

Followup: Carers will continue to allow Louise some priority until she shows more cohesion with the others. They will also try to curb some of Oscar’s aggression to encourage Mario to become more dominant as he is the older male.

Monkey Release Plan Progress: 
JAAN were unable to send their monkey experts to AFJ for observations and surveys this month due to the holiday period. Observations of rehabilitation progress of the AFJ group continue until they can come and assess their readiness for release.

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