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The Rajasthan state of India is identified with camels. In our culture, there are many tales and traditional songs based on camels and its nature. A single camel could earn bread and butter for a whole family, it is an important earning member of the family. At the Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi and at HIS, Jaipur we have many camels which are living as our family members. 

camel upd 17 1Basanti

Basanti was rescued around one and a half years ago when she was going to be slaughtered with many other camels. At the time of rescue, she was malnourished and had multiple wounds all over her body. She is approximately, a 13-year-old female and resides at the Camel Rescue Centre and hospital in Bassi, India. Since the day she was rescued from the people taking her to the slaughter house her behaviour has not changed.

She is still a shy and calm female. She loves the company of her care taker Kamlesh. She has no special choice of food and happy to eat whatever is put in front of her. Now she is in good health and likes to be the centre of attraction among the male camels.


camel upd 17 2Rustam

Rustam is a tough male camel around 11-12 years old. He was rescuedaround one and a half years ago when he was going to be slaughtered with many other camels. At the time of rescue, he was unable to bear his own weight and could not stand on his hind limbs. He also had multiple wounds all over his body. After continuous treatment and making him stand with the help of a pully plus nutritious diet and massage, he won the fight with his ailment. He started standing again.

Now he is completely fit. Calm in nature. Not very particular of food type but ground nut straw is his favourite food. He dislikes being pulled by a rope so whenever he is pulled forwards he goes backwards. He likes the company of his caretakers Akloo and Kamlesh.


camel upd 17 3Mastani

‘Mastani’ was a name of a very beautiful queen. Mastani is a female camel of around 5-6 years old. She was found abandoned in Jaipur itself in April 2016. When she came to us she was suffering from a very swollen limbs. She was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk.The previous owner used a traditional and cruel method, hot iron branding over her foot.

After her rescue and a long treatment, the thickness of the limb reduced to one fourth of its previous size. She is a shy camel. She doesn’t like to live in enclosed places.Now she has developed a nature of not leaving her shed. If we ever want to walk her, we must lure her with a bundle of green fodder. Her appearance is very neat and clean. She does not drink the water filled for her a day ago. We always must fill the drinking water daily.She loves her caretaker Bhagwandas and Rajendar very much. Shewelcomes her caretaker Bhagwandas with kisses and licks in the morning. 


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