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Lawan is a new treatment site for the mobile clinic. Camel owner Mukesh Dhobi approached CRC with a complaint that his camel has been getting gradually weaker and had not been eating for 4-5 days. They found that the condition of camel was very poor.

CRC treated the camel on the spot but the animal required more care and treatment regularly so they advised the camel owner to fetch camel at Camel Rescue Centre Bassi. The camel was not able to walk more than 3-4 km so the camel was transported by a loading van.

After proper clinical examination they noted that mucus membrane was pale in colour and the temperature was normal. Its condition was very poor so we suspected that camel was suffering from blood protozoan disease Trypnosomiasis.

Three days of continuous treatment, proper diet and rest improved the condition of the camel. Owner was very happy to see the better condition of his camel.

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S. No. Name of Owner No. of Animals Date of Admission Date of Release Diagnosis Days at CRC
1 Namonarayan 1 19.5.16 13.6.16 Unable to stand up 26
2 Ramesh 1 8.6.16 10.6.16 Entritis 3
3 Mukesh Dhobi 1 29.6.16 1.7.16 Debality weakness 3


Total Animals Treatment at CRC
Total Camels Treatment 170
Total Other Animals Treatment 98
Camp Treatment 17
Total 285


Monthly Animal treatment Camp Summary (13thJune)
Type of animals treated at CRC      
  Clinical Preventive Total
Dogs 3 0 3
Cats 0 0 0
Cattle 12 0 12
Goats 0 0 0
Horses 1 0 1
Donkeys 0 0 0
Monkeys 0 0 0
Birds 0 0 0
Others 1 0 1
Total 17 0 17
Shelter Animals  
Animals held at the start of the month 30
Animals in: Rescues 0
Surrendered 0
Admitted for treatment 2
Other 0
Total 32
Animals out:    Rehomed 0
Returned after treatment 2
Died 1
Animals held at the end of the month 29




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