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Our Partner Groups in India:

Animal Rahat, Maharashtra - Website:
Help in Suffering, Rajasthan - Website:
Friendicoes SECA, New Delhi and Gurgaon - Website: 
Asswin Project, New Delhi - Website: 
Hope and Animal Trust, Jharkhand - Website:

Para-Vet case and a happy ending for one lucky horse

Three months after foaling, this horse's mammary gland swelled and developed an abscess. After the abscess was opened up, drained, cleaned and ...

City Working Equines

Partner group, Friendicoes mobile equine team, continue to do amazing work for working equines in the city of New Delhi. On a daily basis they treat horses and donkeys that work ...

Animal Aid Abroad's partner group - Help in Suffering's Camel Rescue Centre had a very busy 9 days in November treating a total of 658 camels at the Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. Following is Dr ...


This is one daughter who has turned rebel and does not get along with her mum any more. So Titli & Chaya have parted ways and Titli is now kept in a separate enclosure from ...

First of all, we, entire team of HOPE & Animal Trusts are highly obliged to Animal Aid Abroad in supporting our rescued, once guide or security dogs in the City. With your help towards the ...

India Update - Stab Wound to Horse

Our partner group, Friendicoes deal with all kinds of shocking wounds that are inflicted on animals. Sadly, not all these wounds are accidental but deliberate ...

India Update- Camel Rescue Centre, Bassi

Recently, our partner group HIS Camel Rescue Centre received a call from their Jaipur shelter that there was an abandoned camel near Jagatpura, suffering ...

GREAT NEWS - New Ambulance at work donated by Animal Aid Abroad and The Kindness Trust

The Camel Rescue Centre, Bassi is a well known shelter for helping sick, injured or abandoned camels in the ...


S. No. Name of Owner No Of Animals Date of admission Date of Release Diagnosis  Days spent at CRC   1 Deshraj  1  8.7.2016  17.8.2016 ...

Bullocks Freed From Life of Toil

Bullocks in India have long been used as “beasts of burden”. Forced to haul massive loads of sugarcane in the sweltering heat or plod in endless circles to turn a ...

Lawan is a new treatment site for the mobile clinic. Camel owner Mukesh Dhobi approached CRC with a complaint that his camel has been getting gradually weaker and had not been eating for 4-5 days. ...

Great news the new camel Ambulance funded by Animal Aid Abroad and the Kindness Trust Australia is now ready for work! This will be the first camel ambulance for our partner group- 'Help in ...

Highlights from the past month include preventing six bullocks from being slaughtered by persuading their owners to allow them to live outside their huts in peace, rather than being sent to the ...

Hope & Animal Sponsors Update

Choti is now about 7 year old, as usual, she has not changed yet, she has become more mature and understandable. She is still the mother of all the dogs at the ...

Common Cases This Month:

Colic Lameness Laminitis Wounds Accidental Ring bone Fracture Haemoprotozoan Surra(Tryps.) Babesiosis Respiratory infection Enteritis ...

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