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nowzad july17 1

Rehabilitating Donkey Shelter Development:

With funds generously donated from Animal Aid Abroad, Nowzad was able to begin construction on the first ever Donkey Sanctuary in the whole of Afghanistan!

The Nowzad Donkey Sanctuary will be a haven to donkeys that have been over-worked, neglected or abused and is a much needed facility in Kabul where the capital and surrounding areas relies heavily on the use of working mules.

The Sanctuary is currently home to six rescue donkeys and will provide a purpose built resource to carry out our Donkey Care Education Programs as well as a facility for locals to bring their donkeys that need medical attention and general care.

nowzad july17 2 nowzad july17 3

Rescue ‘Shahzada’ about to leave to go to her new home:

nowzad july17 4 nowzad july17 5


Total Cost of Construction so far
S/No.  Description  Total Cost ($)
 1  I-beams, Steel rods, sheets, fence,  1,844.36
 Labour  1,323.77
 Straw sheets for ceiling  90.46
 Concrete Masonry Unit 460.76 
 Cement 1,048.22 
 Sand 317.05 
Gravel  288.78 
Wooden beams  52.01 
Downspout, plastic for roof  43.62 
10  Doors & Windows, glass  136.87 
11  Steel door  75.89 
12  Electric  847.20 
13  Paint  18.45 
14  Wheelbarrow,Shovels,and transport  73.88 
15  Miscellaneous material  61.47 
Total   6,682.79 
Total Cost of Additional work required
S/No Description Total Cost ($)
1 Outdoor Fencing 540.00
2 Yard Fencing 1,500.00
3 Ceiling for storage 300.00
4 Construction of 2 additional stables 2,00.00
Total 4,340.00
*Note - Shelter rent and staff wages NOT included








 Our Afghan Princess –Shahzada - From abused and abandoned on the streets of Kabul to utter contentment in her very own stable:

nowzad july17 6

Our Afghan Princess –Shahzada - From abused and abandoned on the streets of Kabul to utter contentment in her very own stable!

nowzad july17 7

Dehmazang gets a carrot from Nowzad Donkey Muleteer Juma



nowzad july17 8New Donkey Sanctuary Staff Member!
Name: Nazir Rahmani

How old are you? 19
Where were you born? Kabul
Why are you working with Nowzad? I am working to support my family as I am the sole provider.
Are you happy working with this Donkeys? Yes, I love looking after donkeys, they are gentle and kind
What do you hope for the future of Afghanistan? I hope for Peace for Afghanistan
What message do you have for the donors who have funded the Nowzad Donkey Shelter? I really appreciate it and thank you. Our country needs people like you to make it a better place.


nowzad july17 9New Donkey Shelter Staff Member!
Name: Sayeed Rahaman

How old are you? 45
Are you married? Yes
Where were you born? Kapisa
Why are you working in Nowzad? My family is very large so I need to work to provide for them.
Are you happy working with the Donkeys? Yes, I really enjoy my job and I am proud of what I do.
What message do you have for the donors who have funded the Nowzad Donkey Shelter? Thank you for your important support
What do you hope for future of Afghanistan? Happiness and Peace


nowzad july17 10

The Nowzad Donkeys enjoying their new grazing area next to the Sanctuary

nowzad july17 11

….and it’s not just the donkeys who are happy with the new Shelter!





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