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Samir is 12 year old male donkey who was rescued on June 14, 2012 after having been abandoned by his owner who had returned to West Nepal without him. This beautiful grey coloured donkey with brown markings was suffering from a terrible skin disease and nutritional deficiencies.

Samir had been unable to find food and water, so luckily Animal Nepal found him just in time. 

Update (July 2013):
Samir has turned into a very handsome grey coloured donkey with striking markings and a very expressive face.

Sadly he struggles to trust himans, and tends to run away from our caretakers, however his curiosity eventually gets the better of him, and he will meet and greet visitors of his own accord. We hope that slowly but surely, he will learn to trust humans again. He does not like being groomed or having his hooves cleaned! 

Update (February 2014):
Samir is one of the strongest equines and is very active – in fact, he’s the fastest donkey in the sanctuary! Sadly, as a result of his treatment prior to rescue, he still shies away whenever people approach him, and it really takes two people to handle him. On a positive note, he has transformed into an exceptionally handsome donkey, with striking markings. Still, he hates being groomed and flatly refuses to allow the caretakers to clean his hooves! 
SamirSamir 2014



Update (September 2014)
Nowdays extra charm has been added to the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary as Samir is getting more beautiful day by day. The sight of Samir grazing around a green field is simply gorgeous. His beautiful grey and whithish complexion is enough to awe every visitor. Samir for the longest time shied away from his caretakers but now decreases the distance between himself and other. He is fully healthy and enjoying his freedom to the fullest.


nepal upd march15 8


Update (March 2015)

The ever beautiful Samir continues to add charm to our donkey sanctuary. Samir now has become really friendly with the caretakers and visitors as this donkey used to be quite unwelcoming to the treatments before. Recently Samir suffered a bitter loss – the passing of best friend Rose. They always used to graze together and were considered the most beautiful couple in the sanctuary. But Samir has decided to move ahead and is making new friends in the sanctuary. Lately Samir was kept isolated for few days. This was because respiratory problems were suspected when Samir started coughing contineously. Samir’s coughing problem started increasing even more. Even our vets gave up. But miraculously Samir revived and is now back to good health and is enjoying the shelter as the weather is warming up day by day.

nepal su16 11Update (June 2016)
Samir was always really shy with people. She never approch her visitors and loves to stay alone most of the time. Her best friend Rose passed away last year in a strangle outbreak and since then Samir has become a quite and alone donkey. She loves to dust herself in a open ground and to help her is her new friend Lucky, our sanctuary dog. Samir lately has no sign of illness and has a normal body score condition. Last year Samir suffered from severe coughing problem which revovered soon after the tretament. The coughing was so severe that our vets had almost lossed hope over her. According to Dr.Yadav Samir has a very strong immunity as she survived from strangle outbreak and severe respiratory problem last year. We wish Samir more happiness and health!


nepal june17 7Update (June 2017)
Samir is a white colour,12 year old female donkey. She was rescued from Bolbom brick kiln in Lalitpur district. She was abandoned by her owner and was suffering from skin related issues and nutrition deficiency. Now, Samir is healthy and has gained a bit of weight. She is a little scared of people and other animals, so we are extra gentle when trimming her hooves and giving her vaccinations. She does however love to get brushed. She is a silent nibbler and you can find her inspecting your belongings if you leave it within her reach!


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