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Puffin is the 3 year old daughter of Rose, a working donkey that was forced to work whilst heavily pregnant.

Puffin was born inside the brick factory, however, her mother Rose was forced to return to work just a week after giving birth, whilst still breastfeeding her foal. Puffin was heard crying plaintively, looking for her mum, meanwhile Rose tried desperately to return to her foal, but was unable to escape her duties.

A visitor from the UK discovered the malnourished, traumatised donkeys and rescued them both. When their rescuer had to return to the UK in 2012, both Rose and Puffin were given a new home at the Animal Nepal donkey sanctuary. 

Update (July 2013):
Puffin is the gatekeeper, as she is always on the lookout, ready to meet any new people or donkeys that come near the sanctuary! This energetic young donkey is having a great time playing with Victory, the other young foal at the shelter. 

Update (February 2014):
Puffin was born under much better circumstances than her mum Rose and will never work in brick factories. She is very playful but is still shy around humans. She has formed a close bond with Samir and Chung and, of course, the other young foal Victory.
PuffinPuffin 2014



Update (September 2014)
Puffin is the 3 year old daughter of Rose, a working donkey that was rescued while heavily pregnant. Puffin was born under much better circumstances than her mum, and will not be working in brick factories. Puffin recently gave birth to a healthy cute female foal on 10th July 2014. The baby has gorgeous white and grey complexion. She resembles her mother with a black stripe across her back. Being very active and playful this little baby loves to kick her mother. She is very interactive and friendly like her mother Puffin. Needless to say, Puffin is a very happy mum!

nepal upd march15 9Update (March 2015)
Though Puffin is all healty and fine at the moment, the case was different a few months ago. After giving birth she started losing weight. Our vets termed it "post parturition stress". And since Puffin was born under a very hard situation as her mother Rose was made to work while she was heavily pregnant, Puffin often suffered from bad health. But after she was treated accordingly and provided with the required supplements, she gained back her health. Now she is stress free and loves enjoying fresh green grass with her 7 month old naughty daughter. Puffin is the 4 year old daughter of Rose. Unfortunately Rose bid us goodbye this month. Both Puffin and our staff are heart broken by the news of her death. However, her baby keeps her engaged most of the time with her unique dancing and jumping.

nepal su16 10Update (June 2016)
Puffin is suffering from a fungal infection since the last few months and it has affected her front and hind legs. Last year Puffin lost some weight after she gave birth to Chadani, which our vets termed as "Post Partum Stress". But now her feeding has improved a lot and she has gained her weight back. Puffine survived last year's Strangle outbreak at the sanctuary but lost her loving mother Rose with whom she used to spend most of her time. But luckily, she and her daughter Chadani survived. Despite the fungal infection on her leg, she has a normal body score condition with no other health issues. She has been kept under medication in the isolation unit along with Maneka and Bella and is expected to recover very soon. 


nepal june17 8Update (June 2017)
Puffin is a female donkey. In 2012, she was rescued from Lele, Lalitpur district. She is prone to fungal infections and unfortunately Puffin lost the soft fur on her legs yet again this year. Our caring vets and paravets were quick to treat her. Her hair has also grown significantly. She is under medication and is improving day by day . She has received all the vaccinations for this year and her teeth are also in good condition after trimming. Puffin perks up when she smells carrots and enjoys being groomed. She is very friendly and gentle with our young visitors. She is one of our older equines an is enjoying her retired life in our santuary.


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