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Naina has the saddest story among the rescued ones. She has suffered the worst. Naina is a white female donkey who has below the average body score condition. She suffers from blindness and overgrown hooves. Above all, she is already an old donkey and because of her age and blindness she has to be given special treatment and care in our sanctuary. She also suffers from ecto parasites and has a broken left ear. She was brought to Animal Nepal Godavari Donkey Sanctuary on 1st October 2015 from the same adopters who adopted her from our sanctuary years back. After the earth quake she was shifted from Teku to Lamatar with another 6 equines and when the situation got worse the owners had to move out of the country. She is under medication and recovering each day at our sanctuary.

nepal su16 20Update (June 2016)
There is an easy way to recognize Naina among all the white donkeys without seeing her name tag. Yes it's her broken ear and her wobbly walk due to blindness. In fact, Naina really looks sad with her broken ear and blind eyes.  And when she was rescued her body score condition was also below average. Handling an old and blind donkey was definitely not an easy task but our vets and care takers did a wonderful job with Naina. In just a few months time she has become very healthy with a trimmed hoof. She has also become quite friendly with other equines and visitors. Naina was also affected with ecto parasites when she was rescued from Paunline's guest house and also had some mineral deficiency. But now she has gained some healthy weight and has become the prettiest old lady of our sanctuary.


nepal june17 11Update (June 2017)
Naina is a very frail, aged, blind donkey. Her name means beautiful eyes!
Animal Nepal caretakers Santa Bahadur Shrestha and Masini Shrestha take extra care of our beautiful Naina. We got her from a french lady, Pauline Coze, who had stayed in Kathmandu.
Due to her old age her activities are limited and requires assistance most of the time. She has trouble eating as she has lost most of her teeth.
All the visitors treat her very gently and kindly. She is happy, gentle donkey.



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