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When Animal Nepal rescued this young, cute mule in Spring 2014, he suffered from many problems, one of them being bended legs as a result of multiple injuries. Multi coloured, Mox was too weak to continue hauling bricks when rescued from a Bhaktapur factory. Today Mox is enjoying his new life at the Donkey Sanctuary, in the company of many friends. 


Update (September 2014)
This red-brown, 2 year old horse was the victim of a fight among equines at a Bhaktapur brick factory and suffered from a bended leg and multiple injuries. Animal Nepal’s veterinarians provided the hard working equine with medical treatments including painkillers, Vitamins and Neurobin injections. Comfortable bedding was provided to ensure his comfort. With regular follow up treatment and hoof trimming Mox’s front leg slowly recovered but still suffered from bended front legs. Dr Koirala and Yadav decided it was time for electric laser Massage Therapy. The treatment continued for about four months. He then started to show rapid improvement and changes in his appearance. His body color changed from red brown to black. Today Mox’s legs are completely recovered and the young mule is enjoying a comfortable life with other rescued ‘brick donkeys’ at the shelter. 

nepal upd march15 5

Update (March 2015)
Our team is amazed to see how Mox has transformed himself from a hopeless mule on a verge of death to a healthy, strong and the most handsome figure of our sanctuary. This red-brown, 2 year old horse was the victim of a fight among equines at a Bhaktapur brick factory and suffered from a bended leg and multiple injuries. After few months of medication he began to show rapid changes in his health. Mox’s legs are now completely recovered and it is hard to guess that he suffered from a leg injury. Mox is a very friendly mule. He loves making friend and is very fond of new members Hella and Markhu. Mox has become so tall, dark and handsome that even our vets are feeling jealous of him.

nepal su16 9Update (June 2016)
Our donkey sanctuary team was extremely worried when Mox suffered from a high fever and nasal discharge few months back. Mox then was transferred to our isolation unit and he became the first member to get entry to our new isolation which was built with a kind support from Animal Aid Abroad. Because of the isolation unit it was extremely easy to take proper care of Mox and after few months of treatment and extensive care Mox is now back to health and has returned back to his friends in our main sanctuary. Despite losing some weight, Mox is still the strongest equine of our sanctuary and mostly seen with chilling out with his own group of friends that includes Markhu, Shakti and Pappu. He recently ended up fighting with Buddy when he tried to approach Hella for a romantic lunch. Since then, Mox never goes near Buddy and Hella. However, he is spending his life full of fun and love at our sanctuary. We are extremely grateful to AAA for helping us build our isolation which helped our animals recover so fast. Many thanks from Mox and friends! 

nepal june17 1Update (June 2017)
Mox has become the strongest equine in our sanctuary and has a bit of a roving eye; he generally gets into fights, especially with Buddy, because of Hella. Being quite young, he tried to approach all the females in the group, so we finally decided to castrate him to calm him down. We castrated him on the 1st of December 2016 and he was also given a tetanus vaccine on the same day. Mox is not a fan of grooming time, especially when it comes to cleaning his hooves. Overall, he is a joyful and energetic mule, enjoying his life in our shelter. His favourite companion is Mana, one of our technicians at the Sanctuary.


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