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This handsome reddish mule Marku named by Chantelle Jobberns from Australia in the memory of a loved one was rescued from Bhaktapur Brick factory on May 2014. This young mule of age approximately two years old got badly injured when a truck hit him while hauling bricks in the factory. The poor horse than became partly lame with deep cuts and wounds on his body which was left untreated and uncared. When Animal Nepal went for his rescues what we saw was a skinny horse with flies all over his wounds. He also suffered from hoof problems. It’s been seven month since his rescue and today Marku is enjoying his life at Chobar Animal Sanctuary. He has gained some healthy weight and is getting more handsome day by day. 

nepal upd march15 7Update (March 2015)
Markhu is a new member in the Animal Aid Abroad sponsor list. The resident of Chobar animal shelter, Markhu was brought to the donkey sanctuary Godavari after getting completely back to his health. Markhu has been named by Chantelle Jobbers from Australia who won the bid to name this handsome horse ‘Markku’ in the memory of a loved one. This handsome reddish horse of around two years got badly injured when a truck hit him while hauling bricks in a Bhaktapur brick factory. He was rescued from the same factory in May, 2014. The horse is partly lame and suffers from hoof problem and saddle wounds. Currently he is enjoying his life at Godavari Animal Sanctuary where he is getting his daily dose of treatment and TLC. And he is undoubtedly a very photogenic mule.

nepal su16 14Update (June 2016)
The first question every visitor asks us when we introduce this beautiful brown horse to them is, "What is the meaning of Markhu?" Markhu is as strange as his name. He has very less interest over girls of our sanctuary and loves to hang out with his guys Mox and Shakti. He was named 'Markhu' by Chantelle Jobbers from Australia in the memory of a loved one. And living up to his name, he has become one of the most loved horses of the sanctuary. Markhu initially was a member of our Chobar Animal Shelter who was later moved to Godawari Donkey Sanctuary after his recovery.  Markhu is a very healthy horse with no sign of illness and perfectly normal body score condition. He is extremely cooperative with our staff and visitors. Rescued lame with overgrown hoofs, Markhu is now in a very good shape and enjoying all the fun times at our sanctuary. 

nepal june17 10Update (June 2017)
Markhu is a male horse. He was rescued from Bhaktapur district. At the time he was rescued, he had overgrown hooves and was limping. Now, Markhu adores running around our fields with his friends and is very fond of grazing. He is very healthy and we groom him regularly, which he enjoys thoroughly. He is very friendly with all our team members, however, he does have a tendency to bite when he is over excited. He loves rolling in the sand and will plunge into the sandpit any chance he gets. Blessed with a good appetite he is quite the eater and gobbles most of the treats given to him.


Currently sponsored by:
1. Suse Petersen, Switzerland ($100)
2. Sandersons Body Repairs, QLD ($200)
3. Eleanor Hubble, WA ($100)
4. Katrina Horrocks, USA ($100)
5. Michelle Alber, NSW ($100)

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