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Maneka recently rejoined the sanctuary. She was rescued with her foal Sanu in June 2008 then in 2009 she spent almost a year at the residence of the Calder family. 

Maneka is permanently handicapped; she has one stiff back leg and at times has difficulty walking. But she is enjoying life at the sanctuary and has already become less reclusive and shy.

Update (July 2013):
Maneka is getting better these days. Despite her dislocated leg, she can easily move whenever she wants. However, this abused donkey remains shy and likes to be a little away from the other donkeys. Maneka prefers to lean against the gates of the shelter, resting her injured leg against it. She is still skinny but her overall condition is fine. Maneka is very unhappy when hoof trimming day comes around - she definitely does not like having her hooves cut!

Update (February 2014):
Maneka is the tallest of the donkeys in the sanctuary. She has a dislocated joint but this does seem to be improving following treatment. However, she remains shy and likes to stay a little way away from the other donkeys. She is generally a content donkey, although she still does not like having her hooves cut!
ManekaManeka 2014



Update (September 2014) 
Maneka has always been suffering from dislocated leg problem due to which she had a problem walking and roaming around freely as she wished. This is the reason why loves to be alone most of the time. Though she is quite healthy in terms of feeding and overall body condition, her hip has recently started giving her problems again. Maneka has been kept under medication at Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. 


nepal upd march15 3
Update (March 2015)

Maneka as always loves spending time with herself in the shade of bamboo trees in the sanctuary. As she suffered from the dislocated leg problems at the time of her rescue she will always have problems walking and roaming around freely. However, Maneka is a healthy donkey who has healthy feeding and overall body condition. Maneka is not so keen on making equine friends but she is great with human visitors.


nepal su16 8Update (June 2016)
Maneka always loved to spend some alone time with herself and she hasn't changed at all. And also because of her old age, now she is seen sleeping most of the time. Her body score condition is average besides having some problem with her feeding behaviour. Recently our vet Yadav carried out tooth rasp in her and she is definitely feeling better. She has a history of hip dislocation and she always had problem walking properly. She is also one of the most decent members of our sanctuary who doesn't make any fights with anyone and is often dominated by other young equines. 


nepal june17 18


Update (June 2017)
Maneka is a sixteen and half year-old female donkey. She was rescued from Lalitpur District. Maneka needs constant support, especially while getting up, as her right hind leg was dislocated at the time of rescue and due to her advancing age, it bothers her. She gets sores easily which our caretaker Mana immediately dresses. Like Naina, she does not really go to the fields and generally stays at the shelter.



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