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Tiny Kusha is a 6 year old midget donkey who was found abandoned at the Jyoti brick factory after all the other working equines had returned to Nepalgunj. His ears had been cut, a cruel custom amongst equine owners who believe that donkeys' ears, when placed under a pillow, will promote fertility.

Kush 2014


Update (February 2014)
Kush was found abandoned at Jyoti brick factory last year. Kush has since been neutered which has calmed him down, and he has become a very sweet and love seeking donkey. He is close to his little buddy Lava, who was also rescued from Jyoti brick factory.




Update (September 2014)
Lava and Kush are the twins and the most adorable donkeys at the sanctuary. They both have a handsome chocolate brown color and adorable height. They both have similar black stripe at their color bone. They are healthy with normal feeding behavior. They are very much active. When they are let out for grazing these twins runs around the fields happily.


nepal upd march15 12Update (March 2015)
Kusha lately suffered from some respiratory problems which our vets termed as Anorexic condition and was kept isolated from other equines in the sanctuary. But he recovered within few weeks and he is back to playing with his brother Lava. Lava and Kusha are often seen playing and eating together. At the moment both of them are enjoying the spring at Godavari donkey sanctuary.



nepal su16 6

Update (June 2016)
Kush is extra pampered by our President Pramada Shah as he is Shah's favourite one. Everything about Kush is just so cute and his short height adds extra cuteness in him. Though an adult donkey, Kush always looks like a foal when he plays with his twin brother Lava and his other best friends. Right now he is learning a new trick from Lucky, our sanctuary dog on 'How to dig a hole'? Kush is extremely playful and loves to live life to the fullest. He is very healthy right now with a normal body score condition. Kush last year suffered from Anorexic conditions (a respiratory Problem) and spent most of his time in isolation unit. Kush is also a strong survivor of last year's strangle out break at the sanctuary. Now he is enjoying healthy moments with other 22 healthy equines at GDS.


nepal june17 4


Update (June 2017)
Like Lava, Kush is very content and one of the cutest members of our furry family. He loves and welcomes everybody to Sanctuary. He loves to be groomed. Like Lava, he also has a beautiful smile, thanks to his dental treatment. Kush loves trotting around with his twin and with their trimmed teeth they are quick to grab treats from the hands of our visitors.



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