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Chung is approximately 10 years [ like Chang and also very similar in appearance ..they almost look like twins] white female donkey who came to Animal Nepal’s donkey shelter in July 2013 when she was rescued from the roadside close to a brick factory. She was abandoned by her owner and in a very bad state. Help came just in time when Chung, suffering from severe malnutrition and saddle wounds, was picked up by the Animal Nepal ambulance. Chung has now fully recovered and enjoys her new lease on life.

Chung 2014

 Update (February 2014)

Chung and Chang look so similar, even the staff at the sanctuary get confused sometimes! Chung is a healthy equine with lot of energy (so much energy that she can be a bit difficult to handle at times!). She was rescued from Thaiba road with Jenny, Chang and Jack but since arriving at the sanctuary, she now has befriended Samir, Rose and Puffin. 




Update (September 2014)
Chung is pregnant and is expected to deliver soon. Her health condition is normal with good feeding and no sign of probable illness. She has been kept separate from other donkeys. However she is happy and she has an ample space to roam around.



nepal upd march15 13
Update (March 2015)

Chung had become one of the most aggressive donkeys in the sanctuary at the time of her pregnancy and even after giving birth. She used to bite other donkeys and even our vets. But few months from her delivery she became calm as before and often seen together with her foal. She had a very normal delivery with no sign of complications.



nepal su16 5


Update (June 2016)
Chung suffered a lot in last one year. She gave birth to a beautiful male foal but the foal died during Dashian festival leaving Chung all depressed and alone. Thank god we have our para vet Tara Shrestha who won't leave any equines neglected. Soon Chung recovered from the grief and now she is enjoying her new life with his best friends Bruna and Samir. She has got a very healthy body score condition. She had become very aggressive during her pregnancy and also after the birth of Shankar, her foal but now she is back to her very friendly and loving nature after Shanker passed away.


nepal june17 5Update (June 2017)
Chung is a female donkey. She was rescued from Santaneshwor brick kiln in Lalitpur district. When Animal Nepal medical team examined her health condition they found her very weak, was slightly lame and there were wounds all over her body.

This year Chung is happy and healthy after all her routine vaccines, deworming, hoof trimming and most importantly trimming of teeth. She hangs around her fellow friends and does not interfere in anyone’s business. Chung is quite happy around her friends or even when she’s alone. She likes to run down to the sanctuary and spend her time grazing at the paddock.


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