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On November 3, 2011, Animal Nepal rescued a malnourished horse with a hoof that was so badly overgrown and infected, he could hardly walk. Ten year old Buddy worked in various brick factories in Kathmandu, Nepal. His last owner bought the small build horse for a mere NRs 4000 (40 euro) even though it was clear Buddy was no longer able to work.

He bought the horse to get an advance from a brick factory (equine owners are paid advances per equine, whatever its health condition). For many months Buddy could be found hobbling in a nearby field, trying to find grass and water. As he was given no additional food, Buddy became malnourished.

A very gentle character, Buddy was given a new lease on life in November 2011 when rescued by Animal Nepal and taken to the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary where his hoof was cut and the infection treated. 

Update (July 2013):
Buddy recently suffered a great loss when his friend Ricky passed away. Both Buddy and Ricky suffered from lameness, one due to an overgrown, infected hoof, the other due to rickets. Buddy and Ricky were inseparable until Ricky died from a heart attack earlier this year. Buddy now has befriended Tika, a lame mule who is slightly blind.

Buddy’s hooves need to be cut and treated regularly and actually need specialized care. We have requested help from a professional farrier to get Buddy’s overgrown hoof back in shape.

Update (February 2014):
The only horse in the sanctuary, Buddy previously suffered from lameness, initially due to an overgrown, infected hoof, then subsequently due to rickets, but slowly he is recovering. His hooves still need specialised care, but despite this, he is very friendly with both equines and humans. He is still good friends with Tika, the lame mule, who is slightly blind, so as you can imagine, they don’t walk far together!
Buddy 2014Buddy


 Update (September 2014) 

Buddy was rescued on November 3, 2011 from  a Lalitpur brick factory, completely malnourished with overgrown and infected hoofs and other legs problems. Three years down the line Buddy is almost completely healthy thanks to regular hoof trimming and follow up treatments. His hair now looks gorgeous. He is also said to have the best hairstyle among all the sanctuary equines. Besides still being quite thin Buddy still hobbles a little while walking, due to a hoof condition that is permanent. Luckily this does not stop Buddy from being an active, handsome looking horse. 

 nepal upd march15 1

Update (March 2015) 
Buddy is by far one of the healthiest equines in the sanctuary. Apart from his walking problem Buddy is a really healthy and happy mule with a gorgeous chocolate brown complexion. His walking problem resulted from the overgrown infected hoof at the time of his rescue. Buddy was rescued on November 3, 2011 from Lalitpur brick factory, completely malnourished with an infected, overgrow hoof and other leg problems. In just a few months he has gained some healthy weight. Our vets provide him with regular hoof trimming but still he is seen lying a lot, to take the pressure off the hoof. After Hella joined him in the sanctuary she has become his best friend. They are often seen grazing together.


nepal su16 3Update (June 2016)
Buddy is still a possesive lover of Hella. He won't allow any other equine to come near her, not event our vets and visitors, except his care taker Santa Bahadur Shrestha. Buddy would take up a fight even with the strongest 'Mox' when it comes to Hella. Shrestha is the only one who can control Buddy. Buddy was rescued with leg infection due to overgrown hoofs few years back. Now he only has some problem with his leg which gives his trouble walking back and forth otherwise he has become one handsome dude of our sanctuary. No surprise Hella loves him back! Buddy also received a new haircut from our vet Yadav recently after his hair started giving problem to his eyes. The haircut not only saved him from an eye infection but also made him looks adorable. The pair of Buddy and Hella grazing over the green fields of our sanctuary is a treat to eyes. We just wish that Buddy wasn't over protective to Hella.


nepal june17 17Update (June 2017)
Buddy is the “ Casanova” of our sanctuary!! No surprises, that he has beautiful Hella as his partner who he is quite possesive of. As we know, Shakti also harbours a love interest for him but is too polite to mention. He still has a lingering paddle bone problem with his leg which gives him trouble sometimes walking; he requires support when climbing up and down the field. Summer season is the best time for him as his joints give him less trouble, unlike the winter season. But, despite this problem, he’s ready to defend Hella whenever Mox, who is one of the strongest mule at the sanctuary, tries to grab her. Buddy has received his vaccinations for the year and like his companions goes through the usual round of grooming and dental checkups.


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