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Pegasus foundation found Shmaya tied up with an iron chain in an industrial area with his ears cut off. We don't know who did this, how or why it was done. But from onwards, Shmaya will only hear kind words.

Update (August 2013):

Shmaya is one of the oldest residents at the sanctuary, yet despite his age and his missing ears, he is in doing really well. He is a very intelligent and gentle donkey who is also incredibly friendly and charming.

As Noga, our friend from Pegasus, was walking in the field to take some new pictures for AAA's followers, Shmaya slowly approached her in the hope of receiving some special attention. When he spotted the camera, Shmaya stood still in a thoughtful pose for a few minutes so that she could take the perfect picture – especially for you!

Shmaya 1Shmaya 3Shmaya 2



Update (September 2014)
Shmaya continues to do very well despite having no hearing and certainly likes the ladies at the Sanctuary. He is a bit of a smooch and loves a scratch where his ears used to be. He shed all his hair during summer and no longer looks like a bear. Shmaya, like Rahat are quite naughty and can get up to mischief at the sanctuary but he is very good natured and friendly to people he knows and the other donkeys. Shmaya is reaching nearly 15yrs old. 

Update (May 2015)
Shmaya is doing very well, he is about to reach his sweet sixteen birthday, and he is indeed a sweetheart. He is extremely friendly and likes a lot of attention, he loves to be patted and hugged. Despite his deafness, he is very outgoing and runs around with his friends. Like our other residents, he seems to be much happier now that it's spring.

pegasus 2016 1


Update (October 2016)

Shmaya has enjoyed his summer months, especially the cooler evenings, when he frolics with his friends, near the lovely date palms. As you may remember, his ears had been cut off before we rescued him. Just as a deaf person learns to communicate without hearing, over time, Shmaya has developed his own sweet donkey communication system with his friends, and they understand exactly what he is “talking” about.


Update (May 2017)
Shmaya (to hear) shows the world of animal lovers that though he once endured tremendous cruelty, he is aware that not all humans are bad and that he is now loved, something he had never experienced before his rescue. He continues to be a symbol of overcoming. Though he can't hear, yet he sees Zvika coming from a distance and he rushes over to receive a big hug from Zvika every day. Zvika receives a hug back, in a donkey sort a way.


Currently sponsored by:
1. Francine Horne, ACT ($200)
2. Donna McRae, VIC ($100)
3. Lana Williams, NSW ($100)
4. Eleanor Hubble, WA ($100)
5. Julie Wilshire, NSW ($100)

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