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Jordan was found by Pegasus right across the Israeli border with Jordan.

He stepped on a mine and his leg was badly injured. With the cooperation of the IDF, Pegasus managed to bring him safely into Israeli territory and directly to the veterinary hospital.

He is now post amputation and living happily at the Susita Sanctuary.

Update (August 2013):

Jordan is something of a legend at the sanctuary. He is one of the first three legged donkeys the Pegasus team ever took in, and sets a great example to other three-legged animals at the sanctuary. Whatever the donkeys with four legs can do, Jordan can do exactly the same with three! 

He is very quiet and gentle but still friendly and always welcoming to visitors. He is doing so well and has become such a beautiful little donkey, it's pretty amazing to see how well he manages, despite his lost leg.

The Pegasus team took these wonderful photos for us just a couple of days ago - enjoy! 

Jordan 3Jordan 1 Jordan 2 



Update (September 2014) 
Jordan roams throughout the whole grazing area and doesn’t let his handicap stop him from going anywhere. He has captured the hearts of a few of the ladies who follow him around - he is quite the Romeo. Last week his hooves were treated so he is now ready for the on-coming winter season. His hooves get widened and lengthened so they can take his weight better and not put so much strain on him. Like the rest of the donkeys, they get their hooves done every 2 months by the farrier. Jordan is a very friendly donkey and gets on with everyone at the Sanctuary.

pegasus may15 update 4


Update (May 2015) 
Jordan as you might remember is our local heartthrob. He is doing so much better now that his hooves allow him more balance, he gets less tired and can chase around the ladies much more easily. His favourite spot here at the sanctuary is by the fence close to the road. There he can entice the people who pass by into lavishing their attention on him. Like most of our residents, he too spend most of his time outside, now that the weather is so lovely.


pegasus 2016 4


Update (October 2016)
Jordan continues to be the Don Juan around here! And the ladies seem to enjoy it when he chases them around. His hooves are now giving him good balance, and he needs that for his antics! Not only do the females adore him, but he is a true people person, and never turns down a good session of TLC. Sometimes, he even gives us a donkey smile, revealing every single tooth. Who could resist giving him a big hug?



Update (May 2017)
A reminder of how Jordan was rescued many years ago: Zvika had been contacted by the Israeli military forces about an injured donkey on “no man's land” a strip of land, which is filled with mines, and located between Jordan and Israel. I chuckle whenever I think of the rescue as army officials took the situation very seriously, and set up a makeshift “war room” near the location. As they studied strategic maps and conferred how to get the donkey out of the mine field. Zvika who was with them, walked over to the separation fence with a piece of bread in his hand while gentling calling the donkey who walked right up to the fence. The only thing needed to be done was to cut the wire fence and Jordan was home free. His leg had been severely damaged, probably by a mine and was amputated. He continues to be a living example of how one can endure a physical challenge yet, live life to the fullest, and boy does he ever. He is still wooing the female donkeys to this day, and loves to frolic with them.



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