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This brave little donkey was spotted on the side of the road with his legs tied up and in desperate need of help. Unfortunately this sight is common in southern Israel. Bedouins tie up their camels and donkeys to prevent them from running away. 

Luckily the person who spotted him was kind-hearted Eldad Hagar, a visiting Israeli American (and founder of Hope for Paws, an animal rescue centre in Los Angeles). Eldad pulled over and discovered that the rope used to tie the donkey's leg had cut into his flesh causing swelling, infection and bleeding. Every step he took caused the rope to bite deeper and deeper into his leg and without urgent medical attention, amputation may have been the only solution. 

Eldad immediately called the Pegasus team who took the gentle donkey back to the sanctuary where he received medical treatment for his injuries. He is settling in nicely and has been named after his rescuer - Eldad! 

Update (August 2013):

As summer approached and the donkeys started to shed their winter fur, Eldad who was a furry donkey when he first arrived at the sanctuary, started to look quite different!

Without a shadow of doubt, Eldad is one of the friendliest donkeys at the sanctuary. Whenever anyone enters the stables, Eldad immediately runs over to say hello.

His leg is now completely healed, and all that remains is a small scar. Otherwise, he is a very happy and healthy donkey!

Here are some new pictures especially for Eldad's friends and followers at AAA to enjoy. 

Eldad 1Eldad 4Eldad 3Eldad 2


Update (September 2014)  
After Eldad’s rough start to life he really has become a very gentle, quiet and friendly donkey. You can hardly see his scars now on his legs and doesn’t seem affected at all after nearly losing his legs by being tied [ hobbled] and left unattended in the desert.  He like Freddie is always the first to greet and welcome new rescues to the sanctuary and take on the role of chaperone.  Eldad continues to thrive in his sanctuary home thanks to the help of his sponsors. 
pegasus may15 update 6
Update (May 2015)  
Eldad is our gentle soul resident, we love to spoil him with hugs andpats, we can't help ourselves, we are just so proud of him for how he managed to leave the darkness of his life before he was rescued completely behind. He has emerged as a leader among our residents, many times you can see him running around the sanctuary grounds with his friends chasing him about. He is kind and gentle with our new comers, approaching them quietly as if to assure them they are part of the "family" and that they are safe. We have enjoyed watching him grow into the happy secure lovely donkey that he is.
pegasus 2016 5
Update (October 2016)
Spunky Eldad, continues to enjoy life and doesn't look back to his dark past for a moment. As a local leader of the pack, he gently accesses new comers, and after deciding to let them into the family, he entices them to a little “horse play”, and which they normally accept. Eldad also loves a good roll in dirt, especially after a good brushing, as if to say, hah, I'll take care of my fur my way. I think that he may have invented the word "stubborn" and we love him just the same.
Update (May 2017)
Eldad celebrates life and freedom every day. When he was rescued some years ago, his legs had been cruelly held together with wire, a fierce method to prevent him from running away. The wire had cut his legs deeply. He continues to be the leader of the pack at Pegasus. He proudly gallops around always happy that his legs and his soul, are forever free.
Currently sponsored by:
1. Lisa Owens, USA ($100)
2. Kimberley Hill, NSW ($100)
3. Susan Greenwoood, QLD ($100)
4. Lynne Gittoes, NSW ($100)
5. Lana Williams, NSW ($100)
6. Eleanor Hubble, WA ($100)

Thank you for your support!

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