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Israeli police found Einat wondering near a busy road. She was completely blind and couldn't see where she was going, so they tied her up and contacted Pegasus.

Einat is now living at the Susita sanctuary and has learned to manage using her other senses.

Update (August 2013):

Einat is a very special mare; although she is completely blind, she manages so well, it's as if she has perfect vision.

This special little donkey is quiet, gentle and beautiful; she keeps to herself most of the time, but recently started a strong friendship with Rainbow, another one of the sanctuary's residents, and now they are practically inseparable.

Einat wasn't in the mood for photos this week, and preferred wandering in the field far away from all the activity, so here are some beautiful pictures the team took a while ago. We promise we'll add some new ones soon! 

Einat 1Einat 2Einat 3


Update (September 2014)
Einat passed the grazing season with no problem. Despite her blindness she can handle herself in the field and it is difficult to tell she is blind from afar. She likes finding her corner in the stable area to rest, as pictured, because it keeps her safe from being knocked by the young ones when they play. She is a clever donkey because despite her blindness, she knows her way around the stable area and the fields. She is also a very social donkey and quite happy to stand head to tail to swish away her friends’ flies. Einat is about 20 years old.    
pegasus may15 update 3
Update (May 2015) 
Einat who is our eldest resident, is doing surprisingly well. Though she is of course blind, she is truly at home here with us and finds her way around easily. She is smart enough to stay away when the younger ones are messing aboutand now that everything outside is blooming and the fields are filled with fresh grazing, she is out and about enjoying the warm sunlight. She is very receptive to affection, and when young children walk by, she loves to stick her head out for a little TLC.
pegasus 2016 3
Update (October 2016) 
Sweet elderly Einat, though old and blind, doesn't miss a trick, and she knows exactly where she wants to go at the sanctuary. She knows that she is safe and secure, living out the rest of her years in peace and safety. Oh, how she loves a good gentile forehead rub. If only my back could receive as many good rubs and pats as she gets to enjoy.
Update (May 2017)
Though old and blind, Einat loves life and wants to keep on living. She enjoys the things that other people and donkeys take for granted, like basking in the warm sun while listening to the sounds of nature round about. She “sees” with her ears, and engages other donkeys on occasion in serious conversation of braying back and forth, her ears picking up every tone and sound. It would be wonderful if every living creature who was blind, could live out their old age in safety and peace like Einat.

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