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Truffles has grown up to be a gorgeous girl. She is now 3 days short of being a year and 9 months old. Unfortunately Truffles and Yamini (her mother) are not friendly to strangers. They only tolerate the caregivers,  and visitors get the cold shoulder and sometimes even a dose of their tempers if they venture too close without a caregiver around. 

The mother and daughter are inseparable and spend almost all of their time together. They have their own exercise pen that they share with Sundari and Meethi and no other. Efforts are on to socialize them with the other horses now that Truffles is grown up and does not need much protection from the older horses.

friendi oct15 5Update (October 2015)

Truffles, Meethi and Sundari are a gang and have a part of one field all to themselves away from the others. Meethi, Truffles and Sundari are pretty social with other horses.

Truffles is shy and though we have noticed a change in her behaviour over the past few months - a change for the better she is still nowhere as outgoing as Meethi. But we are hoping that her friendship with Meethi will give her more confidence and will mellow her. Both the girls are the darlings of everyone at the sanctuary and hold a special place in the heart of the care givers and staff.


indiaequine nov16 8Update (November 2016)
Truffles also survived the outbreak that claimed her mother and 5 others. She has been in quarantine and closely monitored for the last 2 months. Sensitive creatures that they are, Truffles has been hugely impacted by the recent happenings. She has gone into a shell and hardly interacts with anyone including her caretaker. 

The vets have given her an all clear but emotionally she is not her old self. Three weeks back she started mingling amongst the other horses but keeps her distance too. She clearly misses her mother whom she used to follow around a lot and although the attachment had reduced as she grew older she never went too far from her mum. We are hoping that with time her grief will reduce and we will have the old, curious and frisky girl back with us.


india equine dec17 5Update (November 2017)
Truffles had a hard time with her mom's passing last year but on the good side it has led to her learning to live life away from her mother's shadow. She has grown to be more outgoing and social than ever before. And now hangs out with Meethi, Titli and couple of other girls. She can be seen interacting with them, getting into mock fights, and even nuzzling them. This group of young ladies seems to have determined their pecking order in the herd and Truffles has made her place and peace with them. She is still nervous around new people and hence it is a wrench if both the caretakers she is familiar and comfortable with have to go on leave together. Usually such a situation is avoided so that she does not develop any anxiety with a new handler. We are working on socializing her more with visitors and other staff so that she does not get stressed out if her caretaker changes or new people enter her field. 

She has also put on some weight and her coat is shining and glossy. In short, this season Truffles is looking her best. She has now stepped into adulthood having completed 4 years a few months back and is one of the best-looking mares at the sanctuary. We hope to be able to give you happy updates on her for the next many years.


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