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Tapi and Koyna



Remember the donkey who lay suffering and in pain in a forgotten lane of a city too busy to pay attention to a distressed animal? She ended up with a c-section delivery in the Friendicoes ambulance and lived to tell her tale. Tapi, along with her 4 month old daughter Koyna, is now enjoying a life of leisure at the Friendicoes sanctuary where she lives with the other 53 donkeys. 

Healthwise, Tapi is fully recovered and Koyna is also growing by the day. Both now have beautiful coats, although Koyna's is still a bit fuzzy. The open space, fresh country air and a good diet is doing wonders for both donkeys, and we are grateful to have played some part in saving these two lives.

Update (February 2014)
The mother daughter duo is doing well. Koyna is now fully grown and is as big as Tapi. She is a beautiful girl and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that she will never have to endure hard labour in the brick factories like so many of our other donkeys.

Tapi has become slightly antisocial over the past few months, preferring to be left alone and doesn’t really like being approached by humans, even her caregivers. Therefore getting a close up of Tapi was a nightmare - she kept walking away from the camera! Koyna, on the other hand, is quite sociable and bold. She comes forward of her own accord, sniffing at new people inside her enclosure, and was quite patient when this photo was being taken.

Koyna 2014TapiKoyna 2014

Update (September 2014)
Tapi & Koyna are good. Koyna is now 2 and half years old and is no more attached to her mother. They continue to be as opposite in character as possible. While Tapi gives us the cold shoulder all the time Koyna loves to trail around visitors and the caregivers. She is a cheeky, confident girl unlike her mom but then unlike her mom she is a lucky baby who has only known love and care since she was born. 

friendi oct15 12Update (October 2015)
It has been 3 years and some months since Tapi & Koyna arrived at the sanctuary. Since then till now they have lived a life every animal deserves. No worries, no hard work, no abuse. Lot of time to chill and plenty of food and TLC.

Tapi is growing into a brooding matriarch who does not enjoy company much. She spends her time with the other donkeys in the Donkey field but is always to be found in the farthest possible corner chewing and reminiscing about her lot n life. Not very active either she has put on some weight but is otherwise doing well.

friendi oct15 13Being the friendly, social girl that she is Koyna makes friends easily. She has more friends at the Sanctuary, both human & animal, than any other donkey. She also has more freedom than any other donkey around. She is not bound by fields and fences and can hang around whichever corner of the sanctuary she wants to be in. That is what happens when you have the keepers/carers eating out of your hand. Koyna will soon celebrate her 4th birthday in another 4 months time. She is now a big girl and is hardly seen in her mother's company. After all it is so not cool to be holding your mother's hand at this age.

indiaequine nov16 4Update (November 2016)

Tapi: There is not a lot to say about Tapi except that she is enjoying her retirement life. She is a placid old girl who does not react to anything around her, nothing excites her nor upsets her. She continues her own sedate pace whether it is eating or walking or living life. Her interaction with Koyna is also minimal with the latter being the social butterfly while Tapi is a social recluse. 

We are just happy that we found her as she isn't very young and the alternative for her would be to work to the ground. A few happy years without carrying loads is what she deserves.

indiaequine nov16 3Koyna: Koyna is "Miss Popular" and has maintained this title for as long as she has been with us - almost 5 years! She is hale and hearty and continues to win hearts with her social graces and beautiful looks. Recently she has befriended a new arrival at the sanctuary, another abused old girl who looked lost and bewildered in the first few days. With Koyna's warm company the old girl has started taking a few uncertain steps towards a new life although she has years of bad memories to get over.

Koyna would be the best candidate for a "therapy donkey", she is patient, good natured and full of life. We are so happy that her mum could be rescued in time on that cold evening in 2012 though for some time there, we almost thought we had lost both during delivery. Everything is well that ends well so instead of thinking of past sadness that we cannot change we look forward to helping more animals in need like Tapi & Koyna.  


Update (November 2016)

Tapi: Tapi is getting on in years. And she has started to look it. Prior to being rescued while she was pregnant she must have led a hard life like all beasts of burden in almost every corner of the world. She is not as old as she looks but a hard life can make the youngest of them age at double the rate. For now, Tapi is in good health, though she is much slower and is not very enthusiastic about meals. She must be prodded and pushed towards the feed and her caregiver must ensure that she has eaten her meal. The slightest bullying by another donkey makes her lose the very little interest she has in eating. She spends most of her time dozing in a corner of the field. 

Koyna: There is no doubt that Koyna is an extraordinary girl! After all, she survived a difficult birth when her mom lay unattended in a forgotten back lane for many long hours in the freezing cold. She has grown up into this smart, playful girl who is wildly popular and overly loved. You will never miss her in a crowd because there is always some activity happening around Koyna. She has this knack of butting her nose in everyone's business but get away without offending anyone. Such is her charm! The little monkey. 

india equine dec17 16india equine dec17 14 india equine dec17 15


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