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Noori was found in July 2012 in one of Delhi's affluent residential areas, not far from Friendicoes shelter. A local called the shelter to report an abandoned donkey who was bleeding from the mouth. Friendicoes picked her up and brought her to the sanctuary where she is now recovering from a cut lip and a few superficial cuts and scratches all over her body. She looks like she has been worked very hard for many years, and the reason she was abandoned is unknown.

The scratches and cuts on her body appear to be from a very fine bamboo stick - the kind that some cruel owners use to whack and prod their animals to move. Although this stick doesn't leave much of a mark, it causes extreme pain to the animal. Now that she is under the wonderful care of Friendicoes, they will do all in their power to see that she has a good life. The cut on her lip though is giving her some trouble as it bleeds every time she eats her food and it takes some time after that to stop it bleeding.

The vet has put her age at around 6-7 years. Noori urgently needs sponsorship to help cover her medical treatment, food and continual care.

Update (July 2013)
Noori is a quiet, aloof lady who keeps to herself and is mostly found standing alone in a corner of the field. When she first arrived at the sanctuary, she had to be kept apart from the other donkeys for almost 10 weeks due to the cut on her muzzle, which took a long time to heal. She was bottle fed on a diet consisting predominantly of milk because the cuts on the soft part of her muzzle opened up easily and needed to be cleaned constantly. For this reason, Noori had to be monitored very closely during those initial few weeks.

Next week is the one year anniversary of her arrival at the sanctuary. Although she is now eating well, she has a frail, delicate build (unlike some of the other dokeys whose tummies look close to bursting!). The team at the sanctuary are delighted to have Noori with them, and are thrilled that this lovely, quiet donkey will spend the rest of her life at the sanctuary where she will always be cared for and loved. 

Noori 2Noori 4Noori 3
Update (February 2014)
Noori has recovered well from her old injuries, she has grown a good coat, her lip is back to normal and she is as fit as a fiddle. Not one for company, she usually sits in a corner of the field by herself to watch the world go by.
Noori 2014

Update (September 2014)
Noori remains the shy, introvert that she has always been. It takes a prod and a push to make her move and do anything. If there was a title of the "saint donkey" it would without doubt go to Noori. She has a calm persona that does not fret for anything. She is often the last one to eat, after waiting silently for everyone to finish and give her some way.


friendi oct15 18

Update (October 2015)
Noori has put on a lot of weight recently. She seems to have made up for all that she missed when she came to us with a cut on her muzzle that took a long time to heal. Poor girl was on milk and a liquid diet for a long time to ensure that the cut closes up and heals. She was a thin, malnourished girl who has now joined the ranks of the other donkeys who seem like they are permanently in a contest to see who can eat more.

While most donkeys hang out in groups or have at least one best friend Noori is still single but not ready to mingle. She is easy to identify in the field because she is always alone whether standing, sitting or eating. But we have no complaints till she is happy and safe and hope someday she will find herself a buddy at the sanctuary.


indiaequine nov16 10

Update (November 2016)
Noori is not keeping very well of late. She suffered a bad kick from a newly rescued mule while being shifted from the enclosures to the stables. It caught her off guard and she took the brunt on her side. And a very hard kick it was! 

While there was no surface injury and the vets declared no lasting damage, Noori has become quiet and is eating considerably less. Though it has been 3 weeks since the incident, we all can notice a change in her. The vets feel it may be the shock more than any physical pain or hurt that has led to this. 

She is getting all the extra attention possible to help her come out of this unpleasant experience. She has always been a very sensitive one, owing to her muzzle injury at the time of her arrival at the Sanctuary. She had to be kept on a liquid diet for months and her caregivers developed a special spot for her. We know she is in the best hands and will soon revert to her old self. 


india equine dec17 8india equine dec17 9Update (November 2017)
Ever since the "accidental" kick she received last year, Noori has withdrawn more into herself. She has also lost weight and does not seem interested to be in the crowd. Always the last one to eat and an introvert, she now needs to be fed separately if she is to eat anything at all. She gets spooked quickly and prefers to keep a little distance from all other animals. The caregivers keep an extra eye on her, ensuring she does not miss meals and is not bullied by other mischievous donkeys up to their tricks. Many times, she is even left open in the general courtyard of the Sanctuary's large animal section since she is no trouble and minds her own business. Noori will continue to be monitored and given extra TLC.



Currently sponsored by:
1. Michael & Sheila Medlar, UK ($100) - In memory of Sangita & Kiran
2. Doreen van der Heiden, QLD ($100)
3. Andrea Johnson, WA ($200)
4. Eleanor Hubble, WA ($100)
5. Cathal McNaughton, UK ($100)

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