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Mudra (meaning "coin") and her baby Paakhi (meaning "feather") were rescued from Gurgaon city along with fellow donkey Chitra. They were found abandoned on the roadside of a residential colony and Paakhi had some wounds on her leg and flanks. Veera arrived the following day. Update: We regret to inform you that we lost Paakhi to colic in 2014, however, Mudra is doing very well still. 

Update (February 2014):
Mudra and Paakhi are pretty much inseparable. They stick together and are never far from one other. Paakhi is fully grown now, but is still happiest trailing her mother around. They are both doing well and enjoying the leisurely pace of sanctuary life. Mudra does not like attention and tends to keep her distance from people, so she was pretty freaked out when our colleague at the sanctuary chased her around the paddock for this photo. But being the lady that she is, she agreed to stand still for a moment and have her photo taken. 
MudraPaakhi1 2014MudraPaakhi2 2014



Update (September 2014)
Mudra & Paakhi - We regret to inform you that we lost Paakhi to colic about 2 months back. Mudra on the other hand is doing well. She has become more aloof (if that is possible) since Paakhi's death. We were initially worried for her, as Paakhi was her mom's shadow but she has bounced back well from her loss. Like older rescued donkeys, Mudra prefers her own company to others. The only time some excitement and energy can be seen, is when it is feed hour. 



Update (October 2015)
Mudra is these days seen interacting with other donkeys. She had withdrawn into a shell after she lost her child Pakhi last year. She is still a quiet, shy old girl but she now at least shares her meals with other donkeys instead of waiting for everyone to finish before she goes to the food tubs. With the weather turning pleasant the donkeys are spending more time under the sun out in the field and Mudra seems like she is enjoying the change from being cooped up inside the stables during the long and sizzling summer days. There has been a marked change in her behavior and we are all glad to see her open up. She has always been on the smaller side but in recent months she had shed some weight that had got us a tad worried. But now things look better and we are sure Mudra will improve with the weather turning cooler.

indiaequine nov16 12

Update (November 2016)
This last year has seen Mudra flower into a bold, confident girl. She is much more interested, inquisitive and curious about everything around her than she was earlier. She is part of the group who greets all visitors into the donkey enclosure. Of late she has developed this new habit of sneaking up on unsuspecting people and nipping them from the back to gain their attention. So, the caretakers must keep an extra eye on her when there are visitors around. She is also glowing and in the pink of health. She is perkier, more sprightly and full of beans. The loss of her child Pakhi does not seem to have left any lasting impact on her and we are grateful for that.


india equine dec17 19india equine dec17 20Update (November 2017)
Mudra looks like age has caught up with her, but she is healthy and reports no health issues. She also enjoys hanging out with the herd now and is social with both her herd mates and visitors. We have newly discovered that she adores being cooed over and is happiest hanging around people. Her sweet nature gets her a lot of attention till she decides to nip at your scarf or bag (or back!). That is her own way of showing her affection tells the caretaker. Quite a change from the shy, unsocial girl from 5 years back. 



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