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Meethi was born in September 2013, however this little foal had a sad start to life. Her mother died just 3 days after giving birth, leaving Meethi an orphan.

With no idea how to wean a foal so young, her owner approached the Friendicoes sanctuary for assistance, however he wanted Meethi to return to him when she turned 8 weeks. Not comfortable with this option, the team made the decision to pay the owner the princely sum of AUD$540 in order to keep the foal, to ensure that she would know a life free from toil and abuse. 

When Meethi was brought to the sanctuary, volunteers were surprised and delighted to see former dancing horse Sundari taking her under her wing, and treating her like her very own foal. Meethi, in turn, looked up to Sundari as a mother, and followed her everywhere. 

Previously, Sundari had been grieving following the death of her friend Tara, but with Meethi’s arrival, she had a spring in her step once more.  

Meethi turns 6 months old this week and is a gorgeous girl. She is quite confident and curious by nature, and follows Sundari's lead coming forward to sniff at strangers and welcome visitors to her field. She still spends a large part of her day sleeping under the winter sun, but that will soon change as summer approaches. 

Meethi 2014Sundari 2014SundariMeethi 2014

Update (September 2014)
Our Meethi is now a beautiful young lady. Confident, ladylike and sweet tempered - she is a living example of what a a lot of TLC can do. She is still thick as thieves with Sundari, her adoptive mother, following her around most of the time but she also likes to test and explore her environment. She was introduced to Kush for the first time today and Meethi did not hesitate to flirt and test her charm on the poor old Kush (as you can see in the pics) 

Along with Truffles who is her friend and best mate, Meethi is enjoying a happy life at the sanctuary thanks to the support and generosity of you. 


Update (October 2015)
Meethi is best described as the "belle of the ball". She is popular, she is gorgeous and she is a social butterfly. She has shot higher by another two feet since our last update. She now towers over her adoptive mom Sundari as well as her best friend Truffles. Many visitors and horse enthusiasts have offered to buy Meethi for their farms as well as for breeding. But of course we have refused!

friendi oct15 7We are determined that Meethi is going to live a pampered and hallowed existence. She is not going to be introduced to the rigors of life that most of the rescued Horses with us have gone through and been scarred by. No breeding, working and riding for Meethi. She can run with the wind when she wants to, play with her friends and spend her life at the sanctuary.

Meethi spends most of her time with Truffles, galloping around or standing under the shade of a tree. She is inquisitive and comes inquiring when a visitor arrives. She even allows herself to be petted and fussed over.

The four of them - Yamini, Truffles, Meethi and Sundari are a gang and have a part of one field all to themselves away from the others. While Meethi, Truffles and Sundari are pretty social with other horses Yamini has become more of an anti social over the months. She does not like either man or beast hence the four have their own special enclosure to themselves.

We think the best thing that happened to Meethi was Sundari. Sundari has passed on her friendly, sweet temper and her happy personality to Meethi. 

indiaequine nov16 7

Update (November 2016)
Sundari & Meethi have always been best buddies with Yamini & Truffles. But early this year we had separated them so that Yamini and Truffles socialized more with other animals. After the outbreak, they, with all the other animals were put in quarantine which they did not enjoy for one minute. The confinement, restrictions and the change from their usual routine made them unhappy and fidgety. Thankfully the quarantine ended and both Sundari & Meethi are back under the open sky, doing what they like best - running, hanging out with other equine friends and greeting visitors. 

Six months back Sundari developed lameness due to putting on too much weight during the winter months. It was a result of group feeding in enclosures so this was immediately stopped and all horses are now fed separately and Sundari put on a diet immediately. She could hardly move initially as she had joint inflammation due to too much weight too suddenly. But Sundari is now back to her old energetic self, her lameness has disappeared and she is galloping across the fields thanks to the hard work of her caretaker and our equine team who took excellent care of her. 

Meethi on the other hand has kept Sundari company all through the hard times and is a gorgeous 3-year-old filly. She is everyone's favourite like Sundari and is a most social and friendly horse at the Sanctuary. 


india equine dec17 6india equine dec17 7Update (November 2017)
Everyone's favourite girl, Meethi is full of what the French call Joie de vivre or the joy of living. Charming, mischievous with gorgeous looks, Meethi is the sanctuary's joy and life. There is not a horse she will not befriend or a visitor she will not welcome. Last year she was a great support & comfort to Sundari who went through a tough time battling obesity and the subsequent inflamed joints. The whole time Meethi gave her company inside the stables and during her short walks. She made a significant contribution to Sundari's recovery by providing the psychological support no one else could have given Sundari. 

This season she is seen having fun with other young ladies like Truffles and Titli and simply enjoying the simple pleasures of life. A romp around her enclosure, some mock fights & games with her friends, the wind in her mane and the sun on her face not to forget the treats she is partial to, something she has a steady supply of due to everyone's special fondness for her. 


Currently sponsored by:
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