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Ila was rescued in December from the Mathura-Agra border. The equine team got a call about a donkey with a terrible wound on its back and the owners had just left it to manage on its own, so they went and brought her to the sanctuary where she got much needed help. The back wound was probably caused by over-loading and lack of any soft padding as well as long term neglect. The saddle sores enlarged and aggravated became a huge wound on her back.  She is quite happy in the company of the other donkeys at the sanctuary and very patient when the vet is dressing her wounds.

Update (September 2014):
Ila's wound is healing though it is not yet fully healed. One reason for this is crows peck the wound and open it again while she is let out in the field. So these days she is spending most of her time inside the stables and not too happy about it. She retaliates by surprising the caregivers but one look at her beautiful imploring eyes and even the hardest heart melts. A couple more weeks and she will completely better. She is eating well and is more or less an easy going girl who is enjoying life at the sanctuary after a hard life carrying loads. 


Update (October 2015)
Ila is now known as the donkey with the wound. Her wound just does not heal! Just as the wound closes up and we put her out, crows come and peck at the scab and reopen it so she has a permanent yellow spot on her back (the stain of ointment). Poor girl has spent most of her time since her rescue, a year and a half back, inside the stables. She hates every minute of it and tends to get irritable when we don't let her out while the other donkeys are out in the field. But every time the care givers have taken pity on her and put her out it just takes 2 days before her wound is again open.

When we went to meet Ila, she was once again under "stable arrest" and not happy about it. Her wound is now again a scab, thanks to being indoors and this time everyone is determined it is going to heal completely before she is let out. So she is even treated to an apple a day, something we cannot afford for all the donkeys specially not during the summers due to the high cost.

Hopefully next time we visit Ila she will be enjoying the sun and breeze along with the other donkeys in the field.

 indiaequine nov16 11
Update (November 2016)
Ila's wound has at last healed! 
That is mainly due to her staying inside the stables the whole of summer except in the nights when she joins her friends out in the fields. Having been confined to the interior of the stables most of the time due to her wound, Ila enjoys being inside more than outside. But a girl needs her exercise to keep in shape and Ila is no different so with a little push and shove from the caretakers Ila goes out into the enclosures to socialize a bit, breathe a little fresh air and take a few rounds of the grounds. 
india equine dec17 12india equine dec17 13Update (November 2017)
Our dear Ila is looking healthy and doing well. She has discovered a new love for "petting" and is often hanging out near the fence hoping for some attention from staff and visitors passing by her enclosure. So, Ila ensures she cannot be missed by standing where she can greet all the humans and get her daily dose of petting while at it. After being limited to inside the stables for a long time due to the wound she had arrived with that took a very long time to heal, she seems to be now making up for all the missed attention that other donkeys have enjoyed all this time. She is turning into a people's donkey and prefers to be around humans rather than other donkeys. 

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