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Chaya and Titli



Chaya meaning Shadow was one of the mares rescued from the stud farm last year in November. At the time of rescue she was pregnant and delivered in May this year. We were not very hopeful about the baby, as Chaya, like all the other rescued mares was malnourished and weak. We lost a couple of new born and one pregnant mare after the rescue. But the few months of love and care paid off when Chaya delivered a beautiful healthy girl who was named Titli, meaning Butterfly. Titli is now 4 months old and both mother and child are doing well. Both girls are mild tempered and easy going. 

friendi oct15 4Update (October 2015)
Chaya & Titli have turned out to be gorgeous girls. They have come a long way from the malnourished, starved animals we rescued from that stud farm. Titli (meaning Butterfly) has been very aptly named since she is flying here there and all over the place. She loves galloping and it is a beautiful sight to see a happy child who has never known and will never know the misery her mother had gone through.

The mother daughter pair is still kept away from the remaining horses as Titli is still too young at a year and two months to be introduced to the older horses, some of whom can be rel bullies. Chaya baby sits Titli and keeps a benign eye over her while Titli indulges in all her tomfoolery. Both of them are doing wonderfully and we are so happy this baby survived unlike many others who were rescued from the stud farm.


indiaequine nov16 1Update (November 2016)

Titli: This is one daughter who has turned rebel and does not get along with her mum any more. So Titli & Chaya have parted ways and Titli is now kept in a separate enclosure from her mother. She has grown a lot in the past year and has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. 

She likes to play the field and entice the male horses or any new horse that arrives at the Sanctuary, a behaviour completely opposite to her quiet, aloof mother. She is also a great runner, a throwback to her genes we think, and runs like the wind though she is short and stunted like most of the rescued horses from the abandoned stud farm.

indiaequine nov16 2

Chaya: Chaya likes her own company. She is a very easy, laid back girl who gives no one any trouble. She does not mix well with other horses so hangs out all alone in her enclosure or shares it with the other odd horse or two. 

In another month or so Chaya will complete three years with us. She has come a long way from the starved and malnourished mare that arrived at Friendicoes Sanctuary. She now has a shiny coat and a glossy mane, and while she is taller than her daughter and of a better pedigree she clearly does not enjoy galloping as Titli does. Which is why she must have been used as a brood mare. Something she no longer should bear the burden of. Life now is just about enjoying the open skies, open field, the freedom of doing whatever she wants and lots of good food. Something made possible by support from Animal Aid Abroad. 


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