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Rosie & Kushi


Rosie is 5 years old also rescued from a life of servitude and hard labour on the streets of Kabul. 

She is very nervous of strangers but enjoys treats from her regular handlers. Rosie does have a chip on her shoulder, can be very naughty at times and has a mean rear left hoof!!!

Rosie is given daily walks with our resident Afghan donkey herder and give our newly qualified vets the opportunity to learn proper handling techniques and practise administering daily health checks with a view to implementing a working animal care programme at some point in the future when funds allow. 

Update (May 2014):
Just to let you know that we have another addition to the Nowzad Donkey fold! We thought that Rosie might be pregnant when we rescued her and yesterday morning she proved us right!

She had a foal we have called Kushi (meaning happiness). Please see photos of the mother and the little one attached. She will stay at the Nowzad shelter and will have a good life with us – she is not destined to work on the streets of Kabul.

We will send you further pictures and updates in due course.


Update (August 2015)
Samson, Rosie and Kushi have really gone from strength to strength under our care.

They have played a pivotal part in our education programs for humane treatment of working animals.

Update (July 2016)
afgh july16 3

Rosie: It has taken many years for Rosie to forgive. The years of hard labour an almost insurmountable barrier for her to forge a friendship with the Nowzad team. But finally Rosie we believe is starting to trust our good intentions.

Rosie is still very protective of Kushi, her nearly three year old offspring and they are never more than feet away from each other on the hillside. Rosie definitely speaks Dari as she is demonstrates her trust of Dr Maliha although cleaning her hooves is a three person task!

Kushi: The friendliest donkey in the world. Raised in the Nowzad shelter nearly three years ago it took us awhile to realise that Kushi (Dari for happiness) actually thought she was a dog. Kushi is often used as our demonstration donkey for Afghan veterinarian student training as she loves the human interaction.
afgh july16 4 afgh july16 5

Update (September 2017)

Rosie was one of the thousands of donkey’s that are used for hard labour in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Her owner would use her to carry water up to the mountains.  She didn’t get the care she deserves and the workload took a toll on her health.  When she got sick, the owner didn’t want her anymore because she couldn’t do the work that he needed her to do.
She was let out on the streets of Kabul to fend for herself.  A kind man then found her and brought her to the Nowzad Clinic to be treated and taken in.  We gave her the love and care that she needed to get back to health.  Since she was not spayed, she was pregnant.  She delivered her baby under our care.  She is estimated to be about eight years old and has been with us since 2013.  She is a quiet donkey and keeps to herself, surveying everything and taking things in. We let her come to us on her terms and we feel very special when she does.

Khushi is probably one of the only donkeys in Afghanistan who has never been saddled up, or made to work.  She has not worked one day in her life because she was born at the Nowzad Shelter.  She is Rosie’s daughter.  Khushi means “happiness” in Dari.  She really is a happy donkey and shows it.  She comes up to people and loves to be fussed over.
She loves ginger snap cookies and is very mischievous, as she will steal the entire bag away from our hand if we stand close to her.  She is three years old.  

nowzad sep17Rosie nowzad sep17kushi


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