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The life of a donkey on the streets of Afghanistan is not a pleasant experience. They are worked continuously ferrying supplies and vital equipment to the remote communities not serviced by routes suitable for motorised vehicles.

Jalala (as she was later named) was found at a mountainside market by some ex-pat westerners who happened to be in the area. She was clearly in distress due to some sort of shoulder injury. As she was being sold cheap due to the fact she would not have lasted long on the streets if forced to carry any form of load, the westerners did the only thing they could and purchased Jalala, without really considering the long term plan that involved now owning an injured donkey in the middle of Kabul…

And that is when Nowzad was called. Being the only western trained veterinary clinic here in Kabul our four Afghan national vets are now recognised as providing first class vet services under the direction of Louise, our English shelter manager.

Without the facilities one would expect back home in the west our vet team assessed that Jalala was suffering from radial nerve paralysis of her front left shoulder causing her acute pain if she weighted the front leg.She is now happily in the Nowzad clinic garden (gone is our grassed chill out area..!!)

Jalala receives daily care and decent quality food while we attend to her injury. Our four chickens, one broken winged Dove and a Tortoise with a cracked shell keep her company during the long very hot summer afternoons of Ramadan.

One thing is for sure; as long as Nowzad receives donations to keep operating our clinic and shelter then Jalala will always have a home to graze and be safe from trudging along the dusty over crowded streets of Kabul under the strain of a bulging loaded harness.


Update (August 2015)
nowzad aug15 1Nowzad are still checking for any other underlying medical issues and it is too soon to say whether she will make a full recovery but in the meantime we are giving her the best medical attention and care possible and was able to educate the locals on the mountain and at a nearby farm the importance of working animal care and how to humanely look after donkeys.

Jalala is slowly pulling through and reside in the care of Nowzad and is thankfully making progress every day.

She will be included in our education programmes for working animals.

afgh july16 6

Update (July 2016)
Found injured on the side of a mountain Jalala limping badly with a severely damaged front leg and possible hernia. After loving care and treatment by the Nowzad vet team Jalala has made an almost full recovery and is a perfect example of how working donkeys would benefit from rest and care by their owners. Now housed with Samson (he has had the snip!) Jalala at last, will allow our vets to brush her coat and clean her hooves.

Again as an older donkey Jalaha has no fear of being made to work again. She will live out her life at the Nowzad stables.


nowzad sep17jalalaUpdate (September 2017)
A foreign lady saw Jalala next to a mountain and immediately knew she had fallen down it.  The owner had unfortunately abandoned her because she could not work anymore.

The foreign women brought Jalala to the Nowzad clinic. We checked her and she had lots of injuries on her legs and had a weak nerve support on right front leg. The Foreign women named her ‘Jalala’, which means beautiful in Dari. After a lengthy treatment and physiotherapy, she recovered and now is in our donkey shelter. She is old and does not have most of her teeth so we give her lots of fruits and vegetables which she loves to spend time chewing, they make her very happy. Despite everything she’s been through, she is friendly and lets people pet her.



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