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Pai Lin



Pai Lin (meaning "Gem Stone") Fast Facts:

At WFFT since: February 2007

Age: 60-65 years (perhaps a bit more)

Gender: Female

Features: Sunken cheeks, her skin looks 3 sizes too big for her. Obviously deformed spine, with old presure point scars on her back. Particularly pronounced temple domes on her head.

Story: Pai Lin (meaning "gemstone") is a 60 year old female Asian Elephant. Before the logging ban, she was used to carry around trees and logs, but later she became a tourist attreaction, carrying up to 6 people on her back at a time. Over the years, this has worn her back down so much that she now has a very dipped back which slopes downwards.

She loves long soaks in the lake. 

Update (September 2013):
Pai Lin is the oldest lady at the WFFT rescue center, with a very wrinkled skin.  She currently has an enclosure all to herself, as she seems to enjoy her privacy. She is, however, very friendly with the youngest rescue elephant Khan Kluey, who lives in the enclosure next to her. They regularly smell each other, or great each other by touching the end of their trunks over the fence, something the WFFT team calls a “trunk kiss”. 

She is currently being trained to allow the vet to trim her nails, but still has some trust issues with people. But she seems to be getting used to our vet. She has no abcesses, and a former injury she had on her left eye has fully healed.

Pai Lin goes for a walk every day at 10.00am (otherwise it’s too hot for her). She gets a lot of fruit from the volunteers to motivate her to walk. She now walks much further than before, and seems to much more enjoy foraging in the nearby forest. 

PaiLin Feb2014PaiLinEnrichment3

Update (May 2015): 
Due to recent Rung Thip’s rescue, Pai Lin moved permanently to the Elephant Sanctuary, leaving her centre enclosure for the new girl to acclimate herself to her newly acquired freedom.
This gives the opportunity to our old girl to explore around the Elephant Sanctuary, grazing in the grassy fields and swimming in one of our large lakes.
Pai Lin also is exploring the forest out and around the Sanctuary on her daily walks.

thai may15 5

Update (July 2016):
Pai Lin continues to enjoy having her enclosure all to herself and spends most of her time wallowing around in the large natural swimming pool in a tucked away corner of her enclosure. She has recently been introduced to new and more challenging enrichments and although she is our oldest elephant she still shows her utmost intelligence in solving the problems created in order for a food reward inside.

wfft july16 6

wff june17 4Update (June 2017):
Pai Lin continues to be WFFT’s oldest elephant and despite a case of arthritis, she remains in excellent health. Pai Lin is an avid swimmer, and has recently decided that during her morning walks she enjoys swimming in the large lake across the road from the WFFT center. Her volunteers often take her for exercise to keep her joints active, however during the hot season even an early morning walk is too warm for her, and she will occasionally decide to plunge into the water to cool herself off.


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